Domestic, Industrial Sectors Empowering Indian Power Sector

With surging demand for electricity in domestic and industrial sectors, the Indian power industry is growing at a rapid pace, encouraging increased participation of private players.

Delhi, India, September 19, 2008 --( According to their new research report “Indian Power Sector Analysis”, with effective formulation of policies and their time-bound implementation setting a new trend, the Indian economy is heading for 7 to 8% growth in near future. In view of such high economic growth, the energy demand in India for the next decade is forecasted to be one of the highest across the world.

The report says that the Indian industrial sector is the largest electricity consumer in the country, accounting for 35.5% of the total electricity consumption in 2006-07, followed by domestic sector at 25.87%. However, it is believed that the share of domestic sector in the electricity consumption will cross 29% by 2011-12, while that of industrial sector will remain almost stagnant due to increase in power access to the majority of the population (almost 100% power to all by 2011-12).

With the growing demand for electricity, more and more private players are joining the Indian power industry. They are taking over of distribution circles, establishing of parallel networks, and forming joint ventures with state utilities to exploit the potential opportunities in power generation and distribution infrastructure market.

“Indian Power Sector Analysis” is an extensive research report that focuses on the growing marketplace for power generation and distribution in India. It thoroughly evaluates the current market trends, evolving markets and growth prospects for the Indian power industry. It analyzes the current scenario in Indian power sector and discusses the regulatory environment in the country. It also evaluates the growth and performance of the power sector, ongoing reform initiatives and provides statistical information on power transmission, generation, and distribution.

This study gives regional forecast on power consumption in various sectors like domestic sector, irrigation, industrial sector, and electricity generation and power capacity. The thorough research and objective analysis given in this report will help the client to identify the driving forces and opportunities being provided by the Indian power industry.

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