AcuPOLL Releases White Paper on Idea Development Process

“Germinator” Streamlines Idea Generation Process, Finds Concepts with Greatest Success Likelihood.

Cincinnati, OH, September 19, 2008 --( Just over a year after its release, the AcuPOLL Germinator process has proven it can change the way companies develop new product ideas and which of those are ultimately put before consumers. The innovative methodology enables brand executives to quickly and inexpensively uncover whether consumers believe the benefit you are offering is important and if it is based on a sound consumer Insight; and, AcuPOLL has developed a white paper that details the methodology further, showcasing benefits to brand executives who are often under increased pressure to fast track the best ideas and get them to market.

The free white paper is available for download at . A quick video featuring AcuPOLL CEO Jack Gordon is also available for viewing that further details the benefits of the groundbreaking brand development process.

In essence, Germinator is a fast, predictive and cost-efficient process where marketers can afford to have numerous ideas compared to a dynamic “Sprout” database. Gordon explains that brand executives are constantly looking for the next big idea, but the reality is that many of the more unique ideas never get to the more expensive testing phase. According to Gordon, ideas that are least comfortable are often the first to be eliminated, but can represent the breakthrough thinking to result in truly new and different product introductions.

“Many of the more new, edgy or different ideas are left at the drawing board and never make the cut to testing, and ironically, those are often some of the truly inspired and best ideas,” Gordon says. “Germinator now makes it possible to test these ideas based on insights and discover which ideas are best to focus on for further development. The key is understanding the power of the consumer Insight, as without a key Insight there is really nowhere to go with ideas. ”

Germinator reports can be turned around in less than 48 hours after data collection.


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With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, AcuPOLL Research, Inc., is a global brand building research agency that uses a patented system to provide companies with clear business recommendations based on a thorough analysis of customized data. AcuPOLL provides the fastest, most predictive, and most accurate research methodology. For over 17 years, AcuPOLL has quantitatively tested over 35,000 new product ideas and over a thousand ads, packaging options and promotions, giving it strong comparative databases across marketing issues. AcuPOLL has predicted the success of new products, services, mail order catalog items, retail concepts, advertising, promotions, and business services as well as packaging. AcuPOLL is an internationally recognized company doing business in the United States, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. More information can be accessed at or by calling 1.800.acupoll.

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