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Lemmer, Netherlands, September 22, 2008 --( Reed Business Geo (The Netherlands) is proud to announce the appointment of Drs Roosmarijn Haring as the new editor-in-chief for GIM International. The transition was made effective from the October issue of GIM International, published on 19 September.

Drs Roosmarijn Haring graduated in Physical Geography from the University of Amsterdam. She conducted several research projects during her studies, including measuring the sand balance and dynamics of an artificially created breach in the Dutch foredunes. “I never could have guessed, working back then with a total-station doing field measurements, that ten years later I would become the new editor-in-chief of GIM International,” Roosmarijn comments.

After graduating she began her career at The Road and Hydrolic Institute, a division of Rijkswaterstaat, before working for the research institute Alterra. Before joining GIM International she worked in nature conservation, employed by the Dutch Society for Dune Conservation and by the Wadden Sea Society. Since 2000, she has been working as an editor for geographical oriented magazines in her spare time. Commenting on her appointment, Roosmarijn says: “I look forward with interest and enthusiasm to bringing the GIM International readers the new developments in research news, technical innovations and business.”

Departing editor-in-chief Dr Ir. Mathias Lemmens comments: “After serving GIM International for over a decade, the moment has come to take a step back. I carried out my duty as editor-in-chief with great pleasure and immense commitment. However, the task began to take too much of my time in combination with lecturing at a university and running my own firm. I always enjoyed the work and I will not entirely depart from the stage. I will continue to serve GIM International as senior editor. I thank all readers and authors for their support and contributions, and wish my successor, Roosmarijn, a lot of success!”

Roosmarijn Haring can be contacted by email: or telephone +31 (0)514-561854.

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