Psychic Revenue's New Page-Peel Ads Increase Click Throughs by 500%

Affiliates of Psychic Revenue's affiliate program are seeing a 500% increase in click throughs to their premiere web sites, and

Austin, TX, September 19, 2008 --( ( one of the oldest and largest psychic affiliate programs, is proud to announce the addition of page-peel ads to its every growing inventory of marketing materials.

According to Doug Christman, Psychic Revenue's Operations Director, the new page-peel ads are increasing click through rates to their premiere websites ( and by a whopping 500%.

"I've never seen any one marketing material produce such astounding results," Doug said. "To my knowledge, we are the first psychic affiliate program to implement rotating page-peel ads. If you are unfamiliar with this type of advertising on web sites, a small image is displayed in the top right of web pages. When a surfer moves the mouse onto the image, it peels back to reveal an advertisement."

Psychic Revenue pays webmasters to promote and Each sale for PsychicWeb earns an affiliate $25. Each minute a customer is talking to a psychic on PsychicAccess earns an affiliate $.50 for as long as that customer uses the services. Web traffic converts at the rate of 1 sale per 100 visitors which is one of the best conversion ratios in the business. Surfers with limited budgets can enjoy a 5 day trial membership to for only $1.99. PsychicAccess gives each new customer a free 6-minute reading.

Psychic Revenue also has a volume bonus of 10% for affiliates selling 25 or more memberships to PsychicWeb a month and a 10% webmaster referral bonus. Payouts are monthly and are available by check, Paypal or wire transfer.

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Doug Christman