Christian Home Schooler's Resources

Christian Home School Resources is a new web site that offers parents that are home schooling their children support, guidelines, educational products, and links that are needed in order to educate their children.

Greenville, SC, September 21, 2008 --( Christian Home School Resources - is the result of a Pastor's Heart of twenty-four years. The need today for parents to be involved with their children's education is greater that ever. Many parents have expressed a concern about their child's education and the failure of the public school system. The concern is a valid one that is also expressed by the media and even our politicians that are running for office.

The question that many parents ask "How do I educate my children?" or "Provide a quality Education for my Children?" Private Schools are the answer for some parents if they can afford to send their children to them, but a majority of parents can not. The only other alternative is Home School which is affordable and available to parents that desire to be involved in their children's education.

Christian Home Schooler's Resources offers parents the "alternative education", Home School, that is affordable and does provide a quality education for children. Through Christian Home School Resources parents can receive advice, support, and instructions about home schooling. Christian Home School Resources also offers links to Home School Laws, a variety of Educational Products, and Family orientated products including health, sports, and family entertainment.

About Christian Home Schooler's Resources
Christian Home Schooler's Resources web site was launched in July of 2008. It began out of Pastor's heart and a burden to help parents find the best possible education for their children. The author of the web site, Steve Wukmer has been in the ministry for twenty four years. He has ministered to parents and children in the following areas: Pastor, Youth Pastor, Christian Education, and Boys/Children's Homes. He has a degree, BRE, in Bible and Education as well as a Master degree in Pastoral Counseling. Christian Home Schooler's Resources goal is to give God the glory and be of service to parents that desire to home school their children.

Steve Wukmer