HomeTeach Online Set to Provide Low Cost Private Tutoring for State School Kids

Online tutoring is increasingly becoming a popular choice with state school parents, faced with rising prices of conventional private home tutoring. www.hometeachonline.com is a site that allows parents to access online tutoring from the top university students in the UK for prices far less than that of conventional home tutors.

Surrey, United Kingdom, September 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The development of online tutoring in the UK is set to provide a massive boon to the number of state school children getting private tutoring. Currently, the numbers are hampered due to the prohibitive cost of 1-2-1 private tuition, with some tutors known to charge over £100/hour, with the need for extra classes is getting ever more pressing with the increased burdens on the state school system.

Online tutoring, which permits access to low cost labour anywhere in the world, is set on changing that. Through the use of either qualified Indian teachers, or top level UK university students, one on one private tutoring can be delivered online for a cost that is a fraction of what is charged by the top private tutors in the UK, with prices for top level online tutoring getting as low as £10-15/hour.

HomeTeach Online, one of the pioneers of the university student online tutoring model, is charging £15/hour for its tutoring services. At that price, parents can have Maths students from Oxford teaching their child Maths one on one. CEO and co-founder Mohsin Drabu is hopeful that this will allow a greater narrowing of the gap in terms of educational opportunity between social strata: "With mechanisms like HomeTeach Online, parents from anywhere in the country can tap this nation's greatest untapped intelllectual resource: our top university students. We have probably the second best university system in the world behind the US, so if our state school system is having difficulties, why not put this resource to use? I feel that this is a model which, if properly scaled, could have massive consequences for the British educational landscape for years to come."

It is this factor that will allow the penetration of private tutoring in the state school market to rise from around 4% today, to about 13% in 2012, according to a recent study. This means a 30% annual growth rate is to be expected between now and 2012 in the state school market, and thus an unprecedented level of access to top class private tutoring, that may well revolutionise education in the UK.

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