Troubled Retirement Funds Mean America’s Teachers Are Looking at New Plans for the Future

New book “The Successful Educator's Guide To Earning Extra Income” shows millions of teachers how to use their talents and skills to start their own business ventures outside class time.

Amherst, NH, September 23, 2008 --( Teachers and successful entrepreneurs Dr. Kathie Nunley and Kevin McCormick have just released a new book showing America’s teachers new ways to finance their lives in a troubled economy. Their new book “The Successful Educator's Guide To Earning Extra Income: How to use your talents, skills, and intelligence to make money in the time outside of your school day” is published by

“At every school in American, teachers are wondering out loud how they are going to afford retirement. Given high energy prices and the rising cost of living, many more are worried how they will support their families in the months ahead,” McCormick said.

Virtually all public and private school teachers live on fixed, limited incomes that change only gradually from year to year. Earning enough for a comfortable life has always been a challenge for educators, but today millions of hard-working teachers find they are struggling to remain in the middle class.

“The Successful Teacher’s Guide to Earning Extra Income” shows readers hundreds of proven, rock solid ways to plan a business, get it up and running, then intelligently grow a reliable income. Topics include ways teachers can take inventory of their skills, talents and interests, then turn those advantages into products and services that are demanded by their local communities and the nation.

Special consideration is given to teachers who want to earn extra income, but don’t want to leave or compromise their teaching careers.

“I was a classroom teacher who started my business literally on the kitchen table at home. I was able to grow the business into a large enterprise gradually, using extra funds I earned and invested back into the business. That’s the kind of smart, ‘you can do it with what you already have’ approach this book offers,” Nunley said.

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Contact: Kevin McCormick

Kevin McCormick
Contact: Kevin McCormick