StalkMarket Launches Blog to Discuss Environmental Issues

Portland, OR, September 24, 2008 --( StalkMarket, the leading producer of Earth-friendly disposable tableware and food packaging in the United States, today announced that it has launched a new blog that will examine environmental issues from a practical, real-world viewpoint. The new blog is written by Buzz Chandler, president and founder of StalkMarket as well as various members of his team.

As the head of a company that produces a wide variety of eco-friendly products, Chandler has in-depth “behind the scenes” insight in to the paper industry, the plastics industry, the waste management industry and the ever expanding universe of businesses that cater to environmentally aware customers. The primary purpose of the blog is to provide insight on issues that customers and partners will find useful and informative. The blog can be found online at

“At the moment there is tremendous public interest in all things green, which gives companies like ours a terrific window of opportunity to help raise awareness for products and ideas that help people lead a more environmentally responsible lifestyle,” said Chandler. “We hope our new blog will help us to do exactly that.”

About StalkMarket
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, StalkMarket® is the leading provider of eco-friendly disposable tableware, flatware and food packaging in the United States. The company’s flagship product line includes a wide array of plates, bowls, serving trays, pizza containers, sandwich boxes and cups made from a sugar cane fiber-based paper board called bagasse. The material is made from sugar cane waste recovered from sugar refineries which is converted into paper board in much the same way as wood pulp is used for cardboard.
StalkMarket recently introduced its Jaya® and Planet Plus™ line of clear cups, cutlery and hot cups made out of biopolymers that are similar to hydrocarbon-based thermoplastics with one very important difference – they are made from plants instead of oil. While they may look and feel a lot like plastic they are really made completely of renewable materials and, like all StalkMarket products, they break down in a composter or landfill.

StalkMarket products are available to restaurants or institutional food service providers through its network of distributors. They are available to consumers nationwide through a variety of grocery stores and retail outlets. They can also be found online at

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