Partners with the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation to heighten awareness for comprehensive newborn screening tests.

Miami, FL, September 24, 2008 --( Over 2000 babies are devastatingly affected each year from not having received comprehensive newborn screening tests. Even though every newborn receives a newborn screening test, the state a child is born in decides how many diseases are screened for. Each state mandates which tests are required, and they vary from state to state. Thus, where a child is born can determine whether or not an affected child lives a healthy, normal life. Without proper screening, affected children will likely suffer mental retardation, physical disability or even death. Most affected children can lead normal, healthy lives when diagnosed and started on treatment shortly after birth.

September is National Newborn Screening Awareness Month., a new parenting social networking site, has partnered with the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation (, the only national nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the advocacy of newborn screening, in order to intensify awareness for an issue that has little to no voice or formal education, and advocate that parents educate themselves as to what diseases their state screens for and to get supplemental screening if comprehensive tests are not administered.

One in seven hundred and fifty babies is born with some kind of easily detectable disorder. Doctors say catching the problem in time can make all the difference.

Actor Scott Baio and his wife Renee have joined by advocating the importance of comprehensive testing since their daughter, Bailey, who was born this year, screened positive for a potentially fatal metabolic disorder which fortunately turned out to be a false positive. Luckily the state of California tested for this particular disorder, whereas other states may not have. View the new Public Services Announcement hosted by Baio and his wife (

James Rivera, COO and Co-founder of affirms, “As a father of two, my heart goes out to families who endure the horror of being affected by not having received full testing. As a new social networking site for parents and their families, will be able to reach thousands of expectant and new parents in order to educate them on how to act as ambassadors to keep their children safe. “

He continues, “We are truly looking forward to making a difference not only through expanding awareness, but by raising funds through promotional activities, sales and fundraisers.”

Jill Levy-Fisch, President of the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation sites, “We couldn’t be happier that is going to join us in the fight to help save thousands of babies lives. Funds raised will help us provide families with free, supplemental screening test kits which screen for over 50 disorders detectable through newborn screening.”

In April 2008, the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act was signed into law after receiving strong bi-partisan support, passing unanimously in both houses of Congress. This new law identifies many of the requirements needed to advance, standardize and enhance life-saving newborn screening programs in the US. However, funding has not yet been approved by Congress. “Once the bill is fully funded a mere 50 million dollars, thousands of children and their families will be spared from unnecessary premature death and life-long disabilities that happen today”, noted Ms. Levy-Fisch. was created to give expecting and new parents, and their families, a free, safe and secure forum (a baby spot) in which to celebrate the joys of becoming and being parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, as well as for networking purposes to include sharing advice and experiences.

Recently, Babyspot partnered with the March of Dimes in order to provide an educational environment where parents can learn about various infant health related issues in order to keep their baby’s healthy and safe.

About the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation, Inc.
The mission of the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation is to improve the lives of babies by working to prevent disabilities and death resulting from disorders detectable through newborn screening. Save Babies Through Screening Foundation supports, assists and advocates for disorders that are detectable through filter paper newborn screening; are unlikely to be clinically diagnosed without screening; and cause mental retardation, physical disability and/or death in childhood when left untreated. For the latest resources and information, visit

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