ViaSchool Student Information System

New released online student information system, created by Kwontem Technology. Visit

Edmonton, Canada, May 15, 2006 --( New released online student information system, created by Kwontem Technology.  ViaSchool (created by manages networked student information systems integrated into schools and school divisions. ViaSchool networks provide the school students and teachers with various tools to use in managing common daily tasks. Management tools include report cards, attendance, schedules, updatable school calendars, download/upload assignments, student information, staff information and more. ViaSchool software shows increased efficiency and productivity inside of class rooms, in the office, as well as in the homes of the teachers, parents and students.

BENEFITS: One of the many outcomes of ViaSchool is that parents can track their child’s attendance reports, report cards, schedules and more provided by the teacher and school staff. This will raise an important question, how much does the parent know about how well their child is doing in the classes he/she is attending. When a parent commonly uses their software at home they will be updated regularly on how well their child is actually doing on a day to day basis. Parents and students may take action quicker when noticing his/her grades are slipping rather then waiting until parent-teacher conferences.
ViaSchool’s software features will save schools the amount time it takes to perform tasks whether you’re a teacher, student, and parent. ViaSchool can offer full support when installing major updates to your school network.

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Curtis Menzies