DebtCC Introduces Question of the Month (QOM) - Answer & Win US $50

Debt Consolidation Care Community, Internet’s First Get Out of Debt Community with 125,000 members, has introduced Question of the Month (QOM). It gives people the opportunity to answer the question and win $50.

Carson City, NV, September 25, 2008 --( Debt Consolidation Care Community has started Question of the Month (QOM) where a question will be put forward to people to answer and consequently gives them a chance to win US$50. One may think what the question will be related to. Questions are either related to debt or managing finance. An important aspect of the QOM is that it is directly related to ones day to day life. So, for answering it what one needs is a little bit of experience and some common sense.

When asked Denny, founder of DebtCC, says "What it needs to answer? Nothing....just life experience and common sense".

"Wanna have a go...give it a try... you have the potentiality to win, so what are you waiting for", says Jason, customer care executive of DebtCC Community. Question of the Month is something the community members look forward to. According to a community member, "It is a battle between the experts; they have studied the situation well, experienced it and finally share their experiences with all".

When asked about how the question of the month works, a moderator explained the entire process. Some of the important aspects of the QOM are as follows-

The Question-of-the-Month will be posted on the 1st day of every month and will be open for receiving answers till the 25th of the same month.

Answers are not disclosed to and are kept confidential.

Voting for the appropriate answer begins from the 26th till the last date of the same month.

The answer that receives the majority votes and the one which is unanimously approved by the DebtCC admin panel is declared the winner.

The winner gets his US$50 finally.

One should grab the opportunity and share valued experience with the world so that in the process one can help out people in debt and can also win US$50.

Debt Consolidation Care or DebtCC community ( is internet's first get out of debt community with 125,000 members. With Community Forums, Community Blogs and Community Knowledge Base are some of the features that are offered by Debt Consolidation Care Community. This serves as a common podium where people in debt can discuss with each other to become debt free.

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