Future In Technology, Inc. Launches System that Completely Eliminates “Spam”

Unsolicited and unwanted email messaging is the number one problem on the Internet and continues to grow. Future In Technology, Inc has made its goal to end this dilemma through its patent pending technology. The company has recently released the first phase of a revolutionary system that will completely eliminate “spam” as we know it today.

New York, NY, May 20, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The company currently provides this service through a website, SpamFreezer©.com. Internet users may register for an email address of their choice. The service provides both a web-based interface that may be accessed through a browser or via POP3 with their favorite email client program.

Future In Technology, Inc is currently seeking investors to distribute this system in the near future. The system will include POP3 and SMTP services and the SpamFreezer Technology©.

Filtering messages alone cannot resolve the issue. Several companies have designed filtering components, which like any filter, unwanted items can still penetrate. Even the Center for Democracy and Technology has stated that “filters are not perfect”.

Further attempts have been made by some companies to sell desktop software, which works with popular email clients such as Microsoft’s Outlook. Unfortunately, that means wading through hundreds, if not thousands, of messages which are placed in an isolated folder for you to review. In addition to this very time consuming task, it does little help with the bandwidth issue. In fact, bandwidth increases because you are sent every message, spam or otherwise.

If the challenge/response system is what you are currently using, then you are aware that the sender makes the decision on whether you receive spam or not. If the sender [not the recipient] validates the message, it reaches the recipient’s inbox. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

These methodologies are fine for reducing spam volume. However, SpamFreezer Technology© is the solution.

Future In Technology Inc.
Carl Moreck
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