Stacey McKibbin Will Achieve Her Goals and Attain True Entrepreneurial Freedom by Joining ActionCOACH

Stacey McKibbin is excited about coaching with new clients and seeing that look on their face as they achieve success.

Las Vegas, NV, September 25, 2008 --( Stacey McKibbin has joined an ActionCOACH business coaching firm owned by Annita McDonald and Joerg Sieber in San Diego.

Her office will be located in San Diego, California.

From the moment McKibbin was introduced to ActionCOACH, she knew this was the company for her.

“I've always had the passion and desire to help small businesses succeed so this was an opportunity to combine that mission with a clear set of strategies,” she said.

Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH Business Coach, McKibbin headed the business development department for a media production house, listed as a top 100 company in San Diego. This is where McKibbin saw entrepreneurship first-hand and decided to pursue the dream of owning her own business.

She started her own business, Sane Strategies – helping business owners manage operational needs ranging from generating additional cash flow and revenues through marketing and sales initiatives, to implementing and optimizing processes as well as resource management.

“I then became VP of Production and Program Management responsible for governance, management, finances, infrastructure, and planning for an investor-funded, $10 million start-up company that was known as an innovator in mobile marketing and m-commerce solutions worldwide,” she said.

McKibbin made many strides in her past career. She championed a cooperative based advertising program enabling local restaurants and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services on a rotational 30-second spot on television, thereby sharing the expense across all participants. She also identified additional target markets and business opportunities for a local environmental safety and compliance company indicating $1.2 million in potential revenue.

“I also designed the operational, marketing, and sales plan for an extreme sports company looking to expand their reach and product lines. Today, they are successfully partnered with such organizations as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the YMCA and skateboard parks around the state – and have appeared in Transworld Skateboarding magazine.

Finally, she was able to orchestrate the development of a worldwide m-commerce platform for a $36 million dollar company designed to connect mobile and web application providers with customers seeking unique products and services for the mobile handset and desktop.

McKibbin’s diverse expertise in managing the operational efforts of start ups, as well as both small and large corporations, will be beneficial in her new role as an ActionCOACH.

“The systems and processes at ActionCOACH speak for themselves, they have been created to make businesses succeed - irrespective of size or industry,” she said.

McKibbin believes that with ActionCOACH, she will not only be able to realize her dream of entrepreneurship but will also be able to achieve her goal of a perfect life/work balance.

McKibbin is a member of the local BNI.

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