Beauty, Spirit, and Passion Find Their Way Into a Convenient Little Tube

Plein de Vie releases its flagship product, the On-the-Go Remedy Stick.

Bellevue, WA, September 25, 2008 --( The combination of purity and sophistication in skincare products used to be difficult to find. At least, until Shelly Holbrook got involved, that is.

“As I became more educated about the importance of choosing quality organic ingredients in my skincare, I also became more frustrated with the lack of selection. If the product was organic, it was rarely high-end. If it was high-end, it was typically full of the exact chemicals I was trying to avoid.” explains Holbrook. “Not only could I not find great products for myself, I couldn’t find them for my current or past clients either.”

As a former labor doula and childbirth educator, and the owner of an online baby gift boutique, Spoiled Rotten Baby, the availability of safe products for newborns and new mothers was close to Shelly’s heart.

“Starting my own product line seemed to be the obvious solution. I could create beautiful, luxurious products that any woman would love to use, using pure organic ingredients safe enough for newborns and pregnant or postpartum women. If I formulated the products, I could be sure that they were free of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde releasing preservatives. For me, it was a perfect fit.”

Dedicated to creating the highest quality organic skincare, Shelly started Plein de Vie (French for ‘Full of Life’) with the intent of spreading the company message of Beauty, Spirit, and Passion. The first product chosen to spread the message? The On-the-Go Remedy Stick.

“The On-the-Go Remedy Stick is our most universal product. It was designed to help with cuts, scrapes, rashes, sunburn, windburn, chapped lips, dry skin (especially during pregnancy), diaper rash, and as a mini-massage stick,” said Shelly. “What I am hearing from our customers though, is that it has also been helping people with significant razor burn, eczema, and mild acne outbreaks as well. The customer testimonials are amazing.”

The .5 ounce tube easily fits into any purse, diaper bag, or first aid kit. Boasting an impressive 85% certified organic ingredient list, Holbrook explained that the only ingredients that aren’t considered organic are Vitamin E Oil, Wild-harvested Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract, and Candellila Wax; a Vegan alternative to beeswax. “We are very proud of the On-the-Go Remedy Stick and are looking forward to releasing our next round of high-end organic products later this year.”

The On-the-Go Remedy Stick has a suggested retail price of $12.99 and is currently available on the Spoiled Rotten Baby website ( Look to purchase the On-the Go Remedy Stick with next new release directly from the Plein de Vie website ( mid-October 2008.

Plein de Vie, LLC
Shelly Holbrook