New Trellchem® LPS—single Skin & NFPA 1991 Certified at a Limited-Use Price

New Trellchem LPS provides a single-skin and fully certified NFPA 1991-2005 ensemble at a price that is lower than the other 2-piece ensembles.

Mansfield, MA, September 25, 2008 --( For years, Hazmat Users have known Trelleborg suits provide the highest level of protection in just a single-layered suit. With Trellchem® LPS, this technology is now at a price that is comparable to other 2-piece Limited-Use suits.

The Trellchem LPS, certified to NFPA 1991-2005, utilizes a strong rubber & fabric combination to provide a suit with unbelievable strength and integrity. And with the chemical barrier on the inside of the suit material, there is added protection from both abrasion & scratches. In fact, many users have commented that they have been able to train in this suit without fear of rips or tears—Train how you play.

“The strength of traditional limited use suits has often proven to be their Achilles heal, not standing up to what the fire and rescue services need” says John Eklund, Senior Sales and Product Manager for Trelleborg Protective Products “By introducing the Trellchem® LPS suit we safeguard the integrity of the wearer in a Limited-Use suit that can stand up to heavy duty rescue operations when the suit is put under extreme stress.”

The Trellchem LPS is Blue in color, and has a list price that is comparable to 2-layer certified ensembles. It is available in sizes from Small to XXXL, all with an extra-large visor for optimum visibility and a new “Ease-Seal” cuff ring system. Additionally, the fit of this suit is similar to other Trellchem ensembles so using the LPS will feel comfortable and familiar.

For more information on this suit, or to request a demonstration, feel free to contact Trellchem directly at, or call (800)344-4458.

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