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Monitis Introduces Suggestion Service That Helps Businesses Quickly Select Relevant and Accurate Domain Names

Monitis, a leading provider of website monitoring, today released a domain suggestion service that eases the difficulty of finding relevant and available domain names. Using analysis engine that combines dictionaries and thesauruses of multiple languages with linguistic methods, businesses can use to easily find unique and targeted domain names for their online presence.

San Jose, CA, September 26, 2008 --( AptDomain tackles one of the most challenging tasks of setting up an online presence: choosing a desirable domain name that is relevant, linguistically appropriate, and attractive. Businesses often report that because the best domain names are already taken, the process of finding a usable domain name is haphazard and tedious.

The AptDomain domain suggestion engine takes keywords entered by the user and applies possible grammatical combinations using prefixes and suffixes. It also searches for synonyms in the multi-lingual dictionary and can transliterate foreign languages into English letters. uses multi-lingual resources to determine most appropriate and attractive domain names. Users can choose from a resulting list of recommendations or enter new keywords to change the recommendations. If one of the recommendations is suitable, AptDomain makes it simple to purchase through a one-click process. Domain names ending in .COM cost $6.95 and those ending in .INFO are only $1.98. Other domain name endings are also available.

Use of the AptDomain domain ( suggestion service is free; it currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

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