GovGoGreen Plan Provides ‘Let the Savings Pay - Not the Taxpayer’ for Energy Saving Software CarbonWise

Living Life Green's GovGoGreen Plan provides ‘let the savings pay - not the taxpayer’ for energy saving software CarbonWise. The innovative initiative uses Living Life Green's Kinetic Payment System.

London, United Kingdom, September 26, 2008 --( Councils to benefit from ‘GovGoGreen’ scheme

The GovGoGreen provides total accessibility for local authorities to benefit from massive energy cost savings and CO2 emission reductions on their IT networks using CarbonWise from Living Life Green. The GovGoGreen scheme removes the need for any budget to purchase the software by using a variation of Living Life Greens ‘Kinetic’ payment plan.

Pay as you save using GovGoGreen and Kinetic payment plan

The ‘Kinetic’ payment plan works by simply allowing local authorities to pay for the software as they save. Living Life Green guarantee a return on investment within only 4 months. At the end of the 4 months a local council would pay the amount of money CarbonWise had saved. If CarbonWise saved more money than had been saved the local council would only pay up to the standard price. Thereafter, the local authority would enjoy the benefits of massive savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

How CarbonWise makes substantial savings

CarbonWise works by centrally managing the energy states of each and every PC on an organisations network, taking full responsibility for ensuring computers are 100% efficient all the time. Factual data is continuously collected and can be compiled into a report that presents energy consumption and savings, showing an organisations carbon footprint state at the same time.

Reduced CO2 emissions and energy costs - without the need for a budget

Operations Director Graeme Scott comments; “We all want to make a change for the better. The environment is something we all share, as are the resources of local governments through our tax bills. We feel we are able to make a contribution to the environment by assisting local authorities slash their carbon footprints, in addition reducing costs and helping tax payers money go a little further. All without any additional expense from tax payers or local government budgets.”

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