Venture Capital Expert, John Cavalier of Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Offers His Take on Trends in Green Technology

Green Investor Audio Series - Sectors like wind and solar have had a spectacular growth rate.

Point Roberts, WA, September 26, 2008 --(, one of the first online investor resources providing in-depth information on renewable energy, greentech and water, provides interested investors a recent audio interview with Venture capital expert, John Cavalier of Hudson Clean Energy Partners.

Podcast Summary: Venture Capital Expert Offers His Take on Trends in Green Technology.

John Cavalier founded the renewable energy practice at Credit Suisse, and he's been a banker in the energy sector for more than 25 years. Now he's with Hudson Clean Energy Partners, a venture capital fund that invests in late stage renewable energy companies. In this interview, he offers his take on some key trends in the sector.

Mr. Cavalier reports, "What we focus on first and foremost is the management team .The sectors like wind and solar have had a spectacular growth rate. That growth rate can cause as many problems as it does provide opportunities. For example, wind has been growing at 35-50% a year- so now you have very significant turbine shortages. PV has grown at the same pace and you have real shortages in silicon. Silicon has gone from $25 a Kilogram three years ago, to $400 a kilogram.

What it means is – that those management teams that were not planning and did not access their resources early on are going to be at a very severe cost disadvantage going forward. The growth rates in these companies are difficult to manage too. So the quality of the management is extremely important.

In solar you have some great CEO’s at the helm of SunPower Corporation, Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd. and First Solar, Inc."

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The Hudson investment team has more than 50 years of combined industry experience, led by Neil Auerbach, Managing Partner. Neil is a former Goldman Sachs partner who cofounded the US renewable energy investment effort at Goldman and led many of their most successful clean energy transactions.

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