Tori Hartman, Fashion Book Author and Color Expert of the 90s, Where is She Now?

Tori Hartman, color expert and author of the style book, Fabulous You! Unlock your Perfect Personal Style, reveals her transition from fashion guru to Hollywood psychic and announces her new line of spiritual accessories.

Los Angeles, CA, September 26, 2008 --( Tori Hartman’s fashion book of the mid-1990s, Fabulous You! Unlock Your Perfect Personal Style by Putnam Berkeley, made it to #2 on for its intuitive take on the meaning behind the color one wears and six style types to which, according to Hartman, we are each innately cast. Think of it as the zodiac of fashion.

“I don’t believe that any woman evolves into her style. I firmly believe that each of us is born into one,” Hartman says.

Fabluous You! quickly established Hartman as a style guru and color expert.

Today, Hartman’s focus has shifted to spiritual accessorizing with a line of Gratitude Bracelets, Chakra Vortex Jewelry for home and body, and Intention Candle Kits that support her work as a preeminent Los Angeles psychic to Hollywood stars, authors and film industry professionals.

Her guidance recently helped launch Jeff Lewis’ hit TV show, Flipping Out, on Bravo Networks, and a well-published author client wore Hartman’s jewelry on Oprah, generating national interest.

Hartman’s new line of spiritual accessories, available at, is the culmination of a decade’s worth of intuitive work helping clients change life patterns to achieve their greatest potential in love, work, health and more. Each piece of Hartman’s jewelry is designed to fulfill a specific intention and uses color and stones to energetically harvest the support of spiritual principles, such as the Universal Law of Attraction.

“Color is energy,” comments Hartman, “The colors you seek now reveal if you’re in harmony with the desired vision for your life and if Nature supports that vision.”

Hartman’s organic soy Intention Candle Kits further uphold this philosophy, as each candle is hand-poured by a Reiki practitioner with color and aromatherapy blends that match the energetic vibration of one’s desire. Choose from candles that summon Divine Love and Business Blessing to Financial Prosperity, Miracle and more.


Tori Hartman dedicates herself to promoting positive change in the world with people who have a common vision for peace and well-being. Her company, Tori Hartman, Inc., creates innovative brands for spiritual growth. Her spiritual lifestyle brands, and, raise awareness of the spiritual meaning in everything that surrounds us. Hartman lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two Whippets, Frank and Owen.
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Tori Hartman