The Carlisle Group Obtains Stipend for Resident

The Carlisle Group is aiding struggling resident physicians across the country by connecting them withemployers offering stipends to ensure their employment post-residency.

Irving, TX, September 26, 2008 --( The Carlisle Group is aiding struggling resident physicians across the country by connecting them with employers offering stipends to ensure their employment post-residency. In many states where full licensure for unrestricted practice is not available until the completion of a residency program, stipends provide a welcome boost in income that can often double one’s current annual salary and a reliable career path for the future.

"My search manager knew every detail about the opportunity," said Dr. Luke Martin currently a general surgeon resident at Morgantown, West Virginia. Dr. Martin found his next career opportunity and a sizable retaining stipend with the help of The Carlisle Group. "It was nice to know that TCG had been on-site at the facility multiple times to discover every aspect of the opening."

The use of locum tenens is on the rise in America, thanks to a nation-wide shortage of physicians in general. Hospital officials worried about replacing their retiring permanent physicians have begun to rely more heavily on offering retainer stipends to physicians still in residency. “Facilities benefit by securing physician salaries as well as a future need for the community,” explains Jeremy Robinson of TCG. So while this helps take the pressure off of physicians living on the residents’ admittedly minimal income, facilities are able to plan their budget more efficiently.

"In the last 16 months, I have noticed a considerable change in the marketplace, swaying hospitals and facilities to offer stipends to physicians still in training,” said Bobbie Aday of TCG. The trend amongst residents seeking stipends, some as far out as 2010 and 2012, has been steadily increasing. “Many of our clients have opened their parameters to accept and offer stipends to residents in certain specialties,” she added.

"The Carlisle Group really cares about physicians coming directly out of training," says Dr. Martin. ”TCG displays the knowledge and the experience to lead physicians out of training to an educated choice for their first practice setting.” Thanks to its strategic partnerships with iSource Lists and, TCG acquires opportunities similar to Dr. Martin’s for their physicians with the help of their extensive database and experienced search managers.

The Carlisle Group is a healthcare placement firm that offers a unique structure to clients seeking to attract healthcare professionals and physicians to their communities. Utilizing a variety of resources and strategic partnerships to determine viable searches nation-wide, The Carlisle Group is a rising star in the field of physician recruiting.

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