JamsBio Inspires Music Fans to Share Their Lives Through Music

New Social Media Community Features Music Memories, Reviews, Top-5 Lists, Games, and Original Reporting.

Houston, TX, September 28, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Music is a part of everyone's life. It helps defines us and has the power to unite us, no matter our background or age. This is the inspiration behind JamsBio - a new online social community where people connect with each other by sharing the music and moments that shape their lives.

On JamsBio you can journal about music by posting your memories, writing reviews of albums, songs of concerts, and sending dedications to someone special. Here are some posts shared by members on the site:

* The Night Jesus Burned (http://jamsbio.com/user/marcz/the_night_jesus_burned/): A man recalls a smoke-filled mishap in his bedroom while listening to Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
* Farmer Kent and his Daughters (http://jamsbio.com/user/juliemelissa/farmer_kent_and_his_daughters/): For a woman in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire" conjures up memories spending carefree summer nights with her dad and younger sister.
* The Nighttime Drive (http://jamsbio.com/user/juliemelissa/farmer_kent_and_his_daughters/): A guy in Dallas will never forget his prom night or the song that's forever associated with it, "Alone Together" by The Strokes.
* The Last Day (http://jamsbio.com/user/hollyhox/the_last_day/): A woman in Massachusetts shares how the song, "What Sara Said" by Death Cab for Cutie helped her cope with her mom's death.

"I am a lover of music, and was in two bands back in the day before my family," said Kari Capetillo a JamsBio user in Cincinnati, Ohio. "To have a web site to go to and to show your emotions and memories during musical moments is a gift. What a great idea."

JamsBio also features games that put your knowledge of music to the test. Think you know music? Prove it by playing SongBlitz and JamsMatch. Or, if you want to improve your knowledge of music, do some virtual "crate digging" by exploring the more than 5 million songs and full artist discographies using the site's unique MusicFinder feature.

Everyone has his or her favorite songs, albums or artists. On JamsBio you can create and debate Top-5 music lists about any topic you can imagine. Here is a sample of recent popular lists on JamsBio:

* Albums I Can't Live Without (http://jamsbio.com/lists/browse/albums_i_can_t_live_without)
* Rock Musicians Who Died Too Young (http://jamsbio.com/lists/browse/rock_musicians_who_died_too_young)
* Best Question Songs (http://jamsbio.com/lists/browse/best_question_songs)
* Hip Hop Albums That Changed The Game (http://jamsbio.com/lists/browse/hip_hop_albums_that_changed_the_game)

To keep you in tune with the latest in music, there's JamsBio Magazine, a rich collection of original columns, podcasts, reviews and news articles dished out daily from contributors around the globe who present a fresh, fan's eye view of the world of music.

"Whether you're a casual music listener, an obsessive fan or fall somewhere in between, the site will inspire you to do as thousands of others on the site have done already and create your own personal JamsBio - your collection of life stories and events and the music associated with them," said Stephen Newman, CEO and co-founder of Mouth Watering Media, LLC, the Houston-based media company behind JamsBio.

JamsBio currently has partnerships with a number of global entertainment brands, including Universal Music Enterprises, Columbia Records, Legacy Recordings and Epic Records to uniquely promote new releases and re-releases by some of the world's biggest artists.

Since launching in April 2008, JamsBio has hundreds of thousands of posts, lists and games played by the six-hundred thousand unique visitors on the site and the hundreds joining every day. People are sharing great music and life experiences spanning 68 years.

"The value of JamsBio is simple," said Matthew Williams, MWM's President and co-founder. "It's about capturing and sharing the emotional impact music has on people's lives "

About JamsBio:

JamsBio is a social community to share your life through music. JamsBio offers a rich platform on top of a database of over 5 million songs to share music memories; review albums, songs and concerts; dedicate music to someone special; create and debate Top-5 music lists; play games to test your knowledge of music; and keep a pulse on the world of music through original columns, podcasts, and news articles. JamsBio is wholly owned and operated by Mouth Watering Media LLC, a media company based in Houston, Texas. For more information on JamsBio, visit our press room (http://pressroom.jamsbio.com/) or contact Clinton Schaff at cschaff at mouthwateringmedia.com.

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