How to Get Into Space for Just 2 Dollars

The main objective of the project “” is to send a catalog of photos and logotypes of its members into space together with one of space expeditions.

New York, NY, September 29, 2008 --( Once there was a young boy named Arthur J Stubbs who dreamt of becoming an astronaut just like many other boys his age. Though it wasn’t his fate to become one, he couldn’t help thinking of outer space now and then. In year 2007, when Arthur started pondering the idea of designing his own website, his childhood dream of space exploration came very opportunely. Taken into account that many people also dream about getting into space and most are unable to perform this brave deed, he has launched his web project on a symbolic day, the 20th of July 2008, the 39th anniversary of the first step on the Moon. This project aims at compiling and delivering a catalog of photos and logotypes into outer space aboard a spaceship. Everyone will be able to send their own photo to the near-earth orbit for a minor price of $2. The project is called “Get into Space for just $2” and is available via web address

The project includes an unprecedented advertising campaign which consists of sending a catalog filled with photos and logos of its members into outer space. This catalog consists of 300 pages (20x45 cm. ~8x18 inches each). On each page, it is possible to publish about 1000 photos. To better suit the space subject area, each page of the catalog is called a “shuttle” and each placing unit (1x1 cm. ~0.4x0.4 in.) – a “seat”. 1 sq. cm. is, of course, a rather small format for a photo, nevertheless, the cost of booking in this case is minimal - $2. Optionally, one could book a place for a larger photo, say 3x4 cm. or 10x15 cm., or just book a whole page. Beside photos, one will also be able to send a logotype of the company or website, music label, etc. or just send out a text message.

Three options of catalog delivery are being considered: delivery to ISS, short-term space flight aboard a private space vehicle, and putting a catalog into orbit with a satellite. Each options has it own pros and cons, however, the first option seems to be ideal. Currently, preliminary agreement has been achieved with one of private space companies. Arthur is also continuing the development of other options.

There is also a special offer for bloggers: each and every blogger who writes about the project in their personal blog is going into space for free in a separate “shuttle” for bloggers (the whole page for one blogger).

Arthur Stubbs