Cars4Charities Car Donation Center
Cars4Charities Car Donation Center

Cars4Charities Sends One Million Dollars to Charities

Cars4Charities has reached a major milestone. Since its’ beginning in 2003, it has sent over 1 million dollars to charities.

Utica, NY, September 29, 2008 --( Cars4Charities is a not for profit organization that processes vehicle donations for over 1,000 charities nationwide. “We are very thrilled to have sent over one million dollars to charities”, says Karen Campese, President/CEO of Cars4Charities. According to Campese, “the idea came about after hearing some charities complaining about how little money they were receiving from for-profit vehicle donation centers.” “In some cases”, continues Campese” the charities said they were only getting 5% of the sale price of the donated vehicle.” “While I believe most car donors know that a portion of their donation will be used to pickup and sell the car, I am certain they don’t expect it to be 95%! “We guarantee that the charity will receive a minimum of 65% of the sale price of the donated vehicle”, says Campese.

Cars4Charities handles the entire donation process, including providing the donor with all necessary tax paperwork. Donated vehicles are picked up free of charge. The proceeds can be used to help one of over 1,000 charities, including Autism Speaks, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, the American Foundation for the Blind, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Asthma & Allergy Foundation, National Coalition for the Homeless, Brain Trauma Foundation, Fund for Peace, Teach for America, United Spinal Association, WomenHeart, and area food banks and homeless shelters, etc.

Complete details are available at or 1-866-448-3487 (GIVE-4-US).

Karen Campese