- Show the World Anything is Possible - $1,000,000 for Charity

" has 10 categories – each category containing one-million pixels. All of the pixels will be sold for $1 each in order to raise $10,000,000. A $1,000,000 donation will be made to charity if all of the pixels sell. ThatCrazyKid wants to show the world that anything is possible, and have the site used as a ‘mini search-engine’ or 'search-engine alternative'."

Winnipeg, Canada, September 30, 2008 --( Writing to inform everyone of the launch of has been created for several reasons. The primary goal is to sell 10-million pixels at $1 a piece and raise $10,000,000. Along with the primary goal comes some more goals. If generates $10,000,000 by selling 10,000,000 little pixels of advertising, the idea is to have this story used and told as a way of showing people all over the world that anything is possible - anything can be achieved. The story will be used to motivate people to go after all of those things they've been convinced were impossible.

Along with this there will be a $1,000,000 donation to charity. What charity? Well, users can vote for which charity the money should go to at The charity with the most votes when it's all said and done will receive the donation.

Feel free to bookmark the page, watch as the story unfolds and leave some feedback – let your voice be heard.

Jamal Bara (see his picture at