A Unique New Calendar That Helps Consumers Develop Good Money Saving Habits

The Money Saving Calendar is a unique new calendar that informs people how to save and make money for every month of the year. It will help consumers develop good money saving habits.

Harrison, AR, October 01, 2008 --(PR.com)-- AdamsLLC has just unveiled their new project, “The Money Saving Calendar” during this calendar buying season. It is a unique new calendar that helps consumers develop good money saving habits.

As inflation rises consumers are constantly looking for ways to save and make money. Until now their only option was to read books or articles on this subject. The problem with these methods is that some people don’t have time or the interest in reading books and only a small percentage of the information read is attained.

The President of AdamsLLC; Dale B. Adams realized that the perfect place for useful money saving information would be on a calendar. It can assist customers in their everyday planning on how to make their life more organized as well as thrifty. Since they view this information on a daily basis they will attain the knowledge and develop good money saving habits.

Every typical calendar contains a color photo which adds to the cost. Adams states that if he wants to see beautiful scenery he will poke his head out the window. He considers these photos a waste of valuable space. The Money Saving Calendar only contains text (costing less to make) and is just another way for consumers to save money.

The Money Saving Calendars contain Money Making Opportunities, Money Saving Ideas, Items That Pay For Themselves, Valuable Home Improvement Tips, Best Bargain Products, Checklists for Money Saving Habits, and spaces to list both Personal and Financial Goals for each month. It puts all of the tips you need to know in one spot, where you see them everyday.

The Money Saving Calendar is available wholesale as well as to the public online.

AdamsLLC was formed in 2000 and introduced the book, “Care Giving Made Easy – How To Be An Awesome Caregiver.” The author and self-publisher; Dale B. Adams of AdamsLLC is located in Harrison, Arkansas.

Dale Adams