Solarpower Restoration Systems Announces Letter of Intent for a Three Year Supply of Modules with SBM Solar Inc.

Santa Cruz, CA, October 01, 2008 --( SolarPower Restoration Systems Inc, a leading developer of building and roofing integrated photovoltaic application technologies, today announced that it has signed a non-binding letter-of-intent for a three-year supply agreement with SBM Solar Inc.

Under the letter of intent, SolarPower Restoration Systems plans to purchase from SBM Solar Inc. a minimum of 10-MW of PV modules per annum from 2009 through 2011. The SBM modules shall be delivered according to SolarPower Restoration Systems specifications for a new polymer surfaced composite panel crystalline module design by SBM Solar for SolarPower’s SolarSeal Technologies™ licensed partners rapidly growing system requirements.

This supply agreement is an outgrowth of the strategic alliance formed earlier this year by both companies to develop and manufacture new photovoltaic systems for the commercial roofing and wall industries. Both companies plan to expand their cooperation to further speed the development and deployment of highly efficient and low cost non-glass, polymer surfaced crystalline PV solar modules for roofing and building solar integrated systems.

Michael Gumm, CEO of SolarPower Restoration Systems stated, “We are very pleased to expand our relationship with SBM Solar Inc, which supports our growing needs for the rapidly expanding activities of SRS, in this case primarily the deployment of the SolarSeal Fan-Fold System for commercial roof applications. We plan to combine our SolarSeal Technologies™ with SBM Solar’s flexible and high quality manufacturing base for polymer surfaced crystalline solar modules to create new high efficiency and cost effective BIPV application solutions. We believe the close cooperation between the two parties expands our opportunities to grow and compete effectively in the growing field of building integrated photovoltaic systems.”

Dr. Osbert Cheung, founder of SBM Solar Inc. commented, “We believe this expanded relationship is beneficial to both parties and provides a path for new areas of product development. We are pleased that SolarPower Restoration Systems intends to choose us as a major module supplier. We are looking forward to new supply opportunities with SolarPower’s partner companies who are licensing SolarSeal Technologies™ from SolarPower. This new contract allows us to scale up our manufacturing processes and expand our corporate structure. We look forward to exploring new areas of cooperation with SolarPower by sharing processes, product and application technologies that benefit both parties.”

About SolarPower Restoration Systems, Inc
Creating architectural building surfaces that simultaneously protect the building envelope and produce clean renewable energy from the sun is and ongoing quest for the solar and building industries. SolarPower Restoration Systems provides the ideas, technologies and tools to create new solar energy products for the solar and building industries with SolarSeal Technologies™.

SolarSeal Technologies™ (patents pending) combines everyday building products and materials with crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic (PV),creating a new class of photovoltaic and PV/solar-thermal hybrid building surfaces known as building integrated (BIPV) or roofing integrated (RIPV) photovoltaics, creating new sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient building surfaces with sacrificing comfort or economy. For more information, please visit.

About SBM Solar, Inc
SBM Solar is an innovative photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer dedicated to providing high quality non-glass PV modules for a wide range of applications. Research and innovation are the core strengths of SBM and its products.

These strengths provide the differentiation and competitive edge necessary for success. SBM Solar’s proprietary non-glass technology and lamination process enables it to deliver one of the most lightweight, customizable and cost-effective mono/multi crystalline silicon PV modules in the industry. For more information, please visit

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