6 Sure-Fire Ways for Children to Succeed in School

Six strategies for parents to help their child succeed in school. The list was compiled by TutorFi.com tutors who work with students, parents, and teachers and understand the key to academic success.

Wheat Ridge, CO, October 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Report card time is just around the corner and many parents are beginning to wonder if they are doing everything they can to help their child succeed in school. The tutors at TutorFi.com realize that parental involvement is crucial to a child’s academic success so they have created a short list of ways that parents can impact their child’s performance in school.

1. Contact School. Parents should make contact with the teacher by simply sending an email as an introduction and invite the teacher to make contact with any concerns or issues. This will not only make it easier to discuss any problems that may arise but it will make the teacher more likely to make contact sooner before an issue has gone on too long.

2. Meet the teacher. Most schools will have one or more opportunities throughout the year (Back to School Night, Parent’s Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, etc…) to visit the school and meet the teacher.

3. Communicate with child. Discuss their child’s likes and dislikes, relationship with teachers and peers, feelings about school work, homework assignments and upcoming projects on a regular basis.

4. Provide appropriate work area. A child needs a quiet, consistent, and comfortable area at home away from distractions such as the television and phone to do work.

5. Set up a rewards/ punishment system. Parents should use rewards for reaching positive goals in school and punishments for failing to meet expectations. Depending on the goal set, rewards can be as simple as picking out ice cream or as elaborate as earning tickets to a concert.

6. Seek help early. Even with all of the above suggestions in place, a parent may find that their child is struggling. Appropriate assistance should be put in place as soon as possible through online resources, after-school programs, or tutors.

The above advice was compiled by tutors at TutorFi.com who work closely with students, parents, and teachers. Visit http://www.TutorFi.com/parents/ for a free report on how to motivate your child to do well in school.

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Ally Kober