The English Store – A New Website to Source All Things English

The English Store ( is an exciting and unique new website which allows buyers to source all things English at the click of a mouse.

Maidenhead, United Kingdom, October 02, 2008 --( With the lack of any websites promoting English made goods and produce, Brian Dash and Paul Green came up with the concept of The English Store. It offers a unique new concept, an online directory of companies with English-made products and English-produced food and drink. Anyone who can truly claim the ‘Made In England’ tag can have an entry in the directory.

England produces a large and varied selection of food and drink to beat anything from the continent, such as dairy products, fruit, vegetables, poultry, confectionery, wines, beer, cider and liqueurs. It even produces its own whisky. Plus, England makes an enormous range of high quality goods ranging from furniture to jewellery, pottery, china, glass, silver, clothes, toys, art and cosmetics. Unfortunately, many products are just hard to find.

Bringing these offerings together in one, simple place that can be easily navigated allows the patriots among us to buy English goods, thus helping the economy and the variety of companies out there "flying the flag for England".

There is also the green issue - people can save on their air and food miles by buying goods and produce in England rather than purchasing goods from faraway places such as China, Australia or New Zealand.

Brian Dash said: "Twenty years ago, everyone waved a Union Jack at English sporting events. Today, everyone waves the flag of St George, which seems to indicate that the English are becoming more patriotic. The French, Germans, Italians and most other Europeans buy their goods, produce and services predominantly from their own country and that's why they have some very successful small companies and indigenous industries".

Paul Green concurred. "The English tend to buy most of their goods and produce from abroad - the supermarkets and shops are stuffed with foreign items and I guess that around 80% plus of their stock is from abroad".

To celebrate the launch of The English Store web-based portal, there is an introductory offer of a 3 months free trial for companies with a "Made In England" label.

Brian added: "The intention is to promote the English entrepreneurial spirit and we will only charge people if we can prove to them that we are generating traffic to their websites. It's a no brainer really!"

The benefit to any of the site’s advertisers is that it gives a low cost way of promoting and marketing their company. The English Store brings a number of like-minded organisations together and makes it easier for the consumer to find well made, quality and value for money English products.

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