"The Most Fun Your Face Can Legally Have by Itself" is TheOuterNet.com. From the Co-Author of the "Letters from a Nut" Books. A.K.A. Ted L. Nancy

Comedian Bruce Baum, a.k.a. Ted L. Nancy (BabyMan, The Simpsons, Letters From A Nut, Whose Line Is It Anyway) has just launched TheOuterNet.com, an original content comedy website that also features videos and blogs from its' community of nuts (friends). And more.

Thousand Oaks, CA, October 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- TheOuterNet.com is a new comedy website conceived by comedian Bruce Baum, co-author of the “Letters From A Nut” books. Bruce is a television staple who has appeared on The Simpsons (as himself), Hollywood Squares, America’s Funniest People for two seasons, HBO, and Comedy Central. He’s also the funnyman who brought you BabyMan, Dimples The Cow, Chiaman, and of course, literary phenom, Ted L. Nancy. Now, prepare for more laughter at Bruce's latest comedy harvest,TheOuterNet.com, a uniquely friendly comedy destination that features original content videos, along with shorts and blogs from the TheOuterNet.com community of “nuts” (friends). TheOuterNet.com also features games, off-beat profiles, and a burgeoning community of creative outer-there “nuts.” Someone recently called TheOuterNet.com “The place to take your face for recess,” then rolled their eyes and passed out. Designed by Bruce Baum and web-designer extraordinairre Jack Douglas, TheOuternet.com is a very happy hangout for your head. In fact, several doctors have suggested that visiting TheOuterNet.com several times a week, couldn’t hurt. For more information or interviews, you can contact TheOuterNet.com at Bruce@TheOuterNet.com

Bruce Baum