MWA (UK) Ltd Launches 5th Book in the 54th Series of Human and Organisational Potential - a Book That May Change Your Life

54 Simple Truths with Brutal Advice - How to Face the Challenges of Life. By Mike Wash Short simple to the point, tough love, a philosophy for a healthy and successful life.This follows the success of 54 Tools and Techniques for Excellence illustrating National Award winners for Organisational Development Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

York, United Kingdom, October 03, 2008 --( Never judge a book by its cover… unless it is this book by Mike Wash. If ever a book cover could so rightly convey its contents, 54 Truths With Brutal Advice this is it. The book is like its cover: enjoyable, simple, straight-to-the-point. A non–preachy self-help book, devoid of the frequent airy-fairy baloney aura of the genre.

This book consists (as the title may suggest) of 54 simple truths that will affect you sometime in your life. Whether its work, trust or injustice, life is sure to bowl you over with one of them. Mike Wash discusses some of the certainties in our lives and makes sure that we are open to them, realising that although some things are inevitable, it is our openness and understanding of them that we control.

54 Simple Truths With Brutal Advice, is made up of mostly short, one-page chapters that feed the readers rather than drowning them. The considerations are well measured and tend to avoid the whining, overbearing tone of the books of this kind.

The author, Mike Wash, is more than qualified to write such a stimulating and moving book. Mike is a trained psychotherapist and has spent most of his adult life helping those in need of healing. Through a personal account of the unfortunate certainties that is discussed in this book, Mike Wash makes clear how an open heart and mind can ensure individuals can deal with most things.

Whether a Parent struggling at home or a busy manager at work this book will open up doors to help people realise potential for effectiveness and happiness.

This book does not claim to save lives, and nor does it want to. What can be certain is that it will you give people a good talking to.

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