ValidateMyTag(TM): Using Currency to Fight Counterfeit Apparel

A new patent-pending, brand protection system that employs U.S. dollar bills to serve as the "certificate of authenticity" for high-end apparel.

New York, NY, October 03, 2008 --( A new brand protection system, known as ValidateMyTagTM aims to empower consumers with the ability to check the authenticity of high-end apparel at the point of sale, thereby eliminating the number of consumers that are duped into purchasing fakes. This is accomplished by marrying two widely used technologies: SMS (Short Message Service) and the anti-counterfeiting technologies within the U.S. dollar bill.

The quality of luxury counterfeit products is greatly improving and in many cases is comparable with genuine items. According to a survey conducted by the Gallup Organization (U.S) in 2006, 41.5% of consumers were unaware that they purchased counterfeit items resembling brand name clothing, footwear, or designer handbags. A similar survey conducted by Ledbury Research (U.K.) in 2007 determined that 31% of consumers purchased a counterfeit item thinking it was the real thing.

The high percentage of consumers that fall victim to purchasing fakes has created a horrific shopping experience for consumers and has tarnished the brand integrity of legitimate apparel companies. FBrothers & Company, Inc. is looking to restore order to the high-end apparel industry with their patent-pending system known as ValidateMyTagTM.

ValidateMyTagTM employs U.S. bills to serve as the “certificate of authenticity” for merchandise. U.S. dollar bills contain some of the most advance anti-counterfeiting technologies that are available today. Some of these technologies include: watermarks, color-shifting ink, micro printing, security threads, and special paper with embedded fibers. Each bill has a unique serial number that identifies the bill and the Federal government backs the currency by imposing stiff penalties, including imprisonment, for counterfeiters.

The ValidateMyTagTM system works as follows: sequential U.S. dollar bills, obtained from a bank, are attached to merchandise in a specially designed and patent-pending tamper-poof clear case (known as a MoneyTagTM). Serial number ranges are linked to a specific product code or style number in a database at the ValidateMyTagTM Authentication Center. At the point of sale, consumers can verify the authenticity of merchandise in two easy steps: 1) check the authenticity of the U.S. dollar bill by identifying known security features of the bill, such as water marks and security threads 2) send a text message, via a cell phone, to the ValidateMyTagTM Authentication Center containing the serial number on the U.S. dollar bill. Once the text message is sent, a validation message will be systematically delivered to the consumer’s cell phone indicating the brand, UPC (Universal Product Code), style, and other production information about the merchandise. ValidateMyTagTM utilizes SMS as the communication protocol for transmitting merchandise validation information to consumers.

ValidateMyTagTM provides a cost-effective approach for validating the authenticity of merchandise. For example, the cost of attaching a MoneyTagTM containing a one dollar bill, is reflected in an increased sale price of the item by $1, but would be refunded to the consumer at the point of sale by removing the $1 bill from the MoneyTagTM. The MoneyTagTM is reusable, which further makes this a cost-effective solution for both retailers and manufacturers.

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About FBrothers & Company, Inc.:

FBrothers & Company, Inc. was started in February 2008 by Edward Fowler. The company was created out of his patent-pending, brand protection system known as ValidateMyTagTM. Mr. Fowler received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Polytechnic University. Furthermore, he has extensive technology-related management experience and expertise in Network Security.

FBrothers & Company, Inc. is positioned to become a market leader in protecting the brand integrity of apparel companies that manufacture high-end footwear and designer handbags. Furthermore, FBrothers & Company, Inc. has developed the technology required to demonstrate “proof-of-concept” and are currently looking for retail partners to pilot their system.


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