Aspiring Tour Guides Don’t Have to Travel Far to Gain Skills for Top-Paying Careers with Online Course

US Tourism is booming with international visitors due to the lower US dollar. This has lead a need for guides for domestic tours. Ms. Anderson' offers affordable and convenient training with online course offered through 1600 colleges worldwide.

Lake Forest, CA, October 03, 2008 --( US tourism is one industry that is booming. Due to the lower value of the US dollar it has become a popular destination for international visitors. This has caused a need for more highly-trained tour guides and tour directors than ever before. A unique online class and new E-book the Tour Director Training Guide offered through thousands of colleges in the United States, Canada, Australia and around the world is an affordable skill-building opportunity to those who wish to pursue a career in tourism.

Tourism accounts for a majority of travel around the world each year. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, one out of nine workers, in the world, makes a living in travel and tourism. This is expected to grow in the next decade to one in eight. There are approximately 18 million people working in tourism in the United States alone.

Consequently, the career opportunity for aspiring tour guides, tour directors, and cruise hosts has grown tremendously.

"Get Paid to Travel" is being offered online at more than 1200 colleges in the United States and Canada. The class gives students an opportunity to train as tour directors and guides for local, domestic, and international tours. Students can easily take the class online from a computer without interfering with their other college studies. Don’t have time for a class? The Tour Director Training Guide is now available for immediate download.

The course was developed by Cherie Anderson, owner of Professional Tour Management Training and author of the Tour Director Training Guide. Ms. Anderson has been working in the travel industry leading tours and cruises around the world since 1984. She began introducing her tour management training to colleges in Southern California in 1993, and now many of her past students are leading tours around the world.

She realized the need for an extensive training course that is not only convenient for everyone, but also covers the skills needed for a variety of tourism careers. She feels there are vast differences among travel careers and that many people misunderstand the tour management requirements. Ms. Anderson’s course is targeted training for tour guides, tour directors, travel staff and cruise hosts and was long overdue.

"The skills are very different for travel agents and tour directors. For example, a tour director needs special skills to work with tour groups. The director must also understand tour procedures and how to work with local tour guides wherever they travel. On the other hand, the travel agent makes appointments from an office and arranges reservations. The two careers are entirely different, so the skills required are different as well," states Anderson.

"Get Paid to Travel" targets a wide audience of students that are interested in a travel careers. Whether they want to become a local tour guide or work abroad, students gain the skills needed to enter their field of choice. Some might prefer to travel around the world and direct a variety of tours from week to week, including African safaris, cruises, European tours, etc.

Though very affordable, Ms. Anderson's online class helps students gain the required skills to land a well-paying travel job with a potentially bright future for those who work hard and are dedicated to their career. The average income for an experienced international or domestic tour director is $250 to $350 per day, including salary, tips, and commissions.

Ms. Anderson says, Tour Director Training Guide' and course inspires students that are interested in a travel career to pursue what they love doing most while equipping them with the knowledge they need to become a great tour guide or director." She also includes employers that hire tour directors and guides on a regular basis.

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