Poem Website, Poetrydances.com Highlights a Total of Thirty Great Writers in Its First Six Months

Poetrydances.com, which turned six months old in September, now highlights the work of thirty great writers.

Busan, Korea, South, October 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Every month, new poems are discovered by Poetrydances.com in the course of its visits to other poetry sites, or blogs that host user submitted poetry. Poems are also sent into the Site directly. Many of the writers behind these poems are listed as Favorite Writers on the Site.

The number of Favorite Writers reached thirty in September-after six full months of operation, with the additional of four new great writers. These writers, the poems and sites hosting them are listed as follows; along with all other writers showcased on the Site in the last six months:

Michelle Hetzel with ‘My Shadow Man’
[hosted on writerscafe.org username ‘Spoken’]

Angela Rizzitano-Bellenis with ‘I Want’
[hosted on poetrydances.com]

Brandon Farinha with ‘Nothing To Say’
[hosted on poetrydances.com]

Leo Durrant with ‘Of Devils And Dust’
[hosted on authorsden.com]

Mamta Madhaven
Michelle Schaefer
Emily Burns
Ivana Plucinski
Joseph Michael Yeary (J. M Yeary)
Jason Lalli (Lalli)
Rambling Prose
Ray Neighbor
Cleo Harter Amos
Andrew Kelly
Milagros Cruz
Ernesto Pangilinan Santiago
Nicole Nicholson
William Laughlin
David Hixon
Robyn R. Gray [Lady Gray]
Claudia Anne Krizay
Holly White Valliant
Engtovo Bhodsvatan
Moqui Takoda
Nakya Cohen
Rebecca Lucente
Alicia K. Jones
Joanne Cucinello
Rex Cox

On the standard of poetry making it onto the Site over the last six months- the creator of poetrydances.com, A.C French commented recently “If the next half of the year sees the same quality of writers becoming part of poetrydances.com- we will be more than happy!”

Mr French went on to say "We should mention also that without the relationships we have in place with other great sites, such as writingroom.com, listenandbeheard.net, poetswhoblog.blogspot.com, gotpoetry.com and writerscafe.org to name only a few- our site would not have developed the reputation it has within the online poetry community. We can't thank these and many other sites enough."

In September the Site also launched two news areas to its operation:

Poetic inspiration
A page where users can send in their own particular inspirations for writing poetry, or read about those of others. Alternatively they can simply send in great line/s, from their own original work/thoughts- which they are happy to share. In return the Site puts up a link to the user’s blog/website or poetry page as desired.

Web Friends
Just a page - where people can get links posted to their personal page/s on Myspace, Facebook, or other social networking sites. In return for them posting a link to poetrydances.com on their own page/s on the site/s concerned.

Poetry as mentioned can also be submitted directly to the site along with links to great poems found by users themselves. Additionally, poetrydances.com accepts read requests, which allow its staff to visit and read the work of specific writers on various poetry sites or blogs across the Internet.

Poetrydances.com is free to use subject to the site’s disclaimer and terms of use.


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0082 51759 5540