Seattle Solar Installation Company Helps Washington Customers Take Advantage of New Federal Solar Tax Credits

Seattle, WA, October 06, 2008 --( Local solar installation company, Sunergy Systems, announces that going solar now makes more sense than ever for Washington home owners. Just in time for National Solar Energy Awareness Month, Congress passed the Investment Tax Credit on Friday, October 03, 2008.

With the passage of the Investment Tax Credit, home owners can offset a large portion of the cost of their solar electric or solar hot water system through a 30% tax credit. Previous tax credits for residential solar customers were capped at $2000 but the ITC lifted the cap which translates into much greater savings for home owners. The passage of this tax credit greatly reduces the time that it would take for a solar power system to pay for itself. While a solar electric or solar hot water system has always been a great investment for home owners, this new bill combined with other state and federal financial incentives makes going solar much more affordable.

Installing a solar electric system on their homes enables home owners to save money on their electric bill, avoid future utility rate increases, promote personal and national energy independence and be good stewards of the environment by reducing their use of limited, polluting fossil fuels.

Howard Lamb, owner and principal engineer of Sunergy Systems, says “The passage of the 30% Investment Tax Credit along with the removal of the $2000 cap is the best thing that has happened since the net-metering law which requires the utility companies to pay customers for the extra energy that their solar electric systems generate! The regular home owner is now empowered to choose how they want their energy to be generated. They can own their power instead of renting it. The government is turning over the decision of how our country will secure its energy over the next decade. Citizens can now take keep their taxes from lining the oil industry’s pockets. Instead of “drill baby drill, the chant will be “shine sun shine”. Extending the ITC for the next eight years finally provides much needed stability for solar companies to do long term planning and staffing compared to being victim to the instability of short term incentive programs. The passage of the ITC will also generate jobs in the renewable energy industry. At Sunergy Systems, we now feel confident to double our installation crew to meet the demand for clean, renewable energy that the passage of this bill will help generate.”

Sunergy Systems is a full service solar energy integrator located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. They install solar photovoltaic electric power and solar hot water systems for residential and commercial customers in Washington and for commercial customers in Oregon. Their wesbsite is

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