Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau Will Host Duct Tape Marketing Workshop

Fort Wayne, IN, October 14, 2008 --( The Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau will hold a Duct Tape Marketing Workshop for Small Business at their location, 3521 Lake Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46805. On October 23rd, Joe Dager will be presenting the workshop on “7 Steps to Small Business Success” to the attendees. If you are interested in participating, you are invited to contact the Fort Wayne Women's Bureau at the address above or phone (260) 424-7977. Their website is

Joe Dager, owner of Business901 in Fort Wayne, IN will be introducing the Duct Tape Marketing principles to the attendees. Dager, an authorized Duct Tape Marketing Coach is well versed in these principles. “Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau is a great resource for the woman small business owner, who is just starting or one that is stuck and needs some additional input,” says Dager.

Dager also added: “Fort Wayne Women’s Bureau a great resource for Women in business. It is a very easy way to obtain a mentor and if you are starting a business or have a small business that you would appreciate having a sounding board, I encourage you to contact them. Just simply, a great resource that is under-utilized in my opinion.”

Women’s Enterprise promotes the growth of women-owned businesses through programs that offer business counseling, mentoring, training and technical, financial, and procurement assistance. They are helping unprecedented numbers of women start and build successful businesses. At every stage of developing and expanding a successful business, Women’s Enterprise is here to counsel, teach, encourage and inspire women to succeed.

The Duct Tape Marketing system allows you to create and build your very own marketing system complimented by a coaching system that has proven effective with small businesses for over 20 years. The system is perfect for those who already own a business, but want to make it soar. This system will help build the perfect business establishing a proven marketing system to their growing company. "Why reinvent the wheel? Take a proven process, a trained coach and run with it.”

The Duct Tape Marketing Coaching community is second to none when it comes to vast array of marketing coaches. Their uniqueness is that they actually work with you, installing and implement a repeatable process. It is not about the plan, it’s about the process that you leave behind, says Dager. Dager also comments: “Most Duct Tape Coaches become highly specialized. We realize the value in having a specific product or market. We do not try to be everything to everyone. It is simple impossible to accomplish what we do in such a short period if we don’t.”

About Business901
Joe Dager is President of Business901, a progressive coaching company providing no-nonsense direction in areas such as target marketing and organized referral marketing. As a certified coach of the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting organization, Joe provides practical, information-rich, immediately applicable direction that profoundly impacts the success of small and mid-sized businesses. His experience includes numerous start-ups, several turnarounds in variety of industries to include manufacturing, retail, and professional services to include marketing.

Joseph T. Dager