Philanthropic Pugilist Donates Kidney, 14 Gallons of Blood, Tattoos

Undefeated Alaskan Boxing Champ, Billy the Billboard, donates more than most. Billy Gibby has donated more than 14 gallons of blood, a kidney and now even his skin. Billy is auctioning off areas of his body for tattoo advertising.

Anchorage, AK, October 08, 2008 --( Undefeated boxing champ, Billy Gibby of Anchorage, Alaska, has donated a kidney, over 14 gallons of blood, and now he is auctioning off his body parts. Billy is virtually selling his skin for permanent tattoo advertisements to obtain money to help his family and friends.

Billy Gibby believes in doing everything well and doing well for others. Billy has won running races, and shown prowess as a fighter but what he fights for most is the welfare of his fellow man. When a friend needed help, Mr. Gibby was happy to fly to California and donate his kidney. What is even more inspiring is the creativity Billy used to obtain the money to cover his traveling expenses.

“I needed to fly to California to donate my kidney to friend and didn’t have any money. I once saw a boxer named Bernard Hopkins with a temporary tattoo. I thought if I could sell a real tattoo I might be able to get the money I needed. won the auction on eBay and I got the money I needed to fly to California to donate my kidney,” said Billy Gibby.

Since then Billy has auctioned off even more tattoos and on October 9th, 2008 Billy will receive his latest tattoo by Anchorage Tattoo in Anchorage Alaska. The most recent tattoo is for and will cover his bicep and forearm.

“As an undefeated boxer, Billy has already proven he has heavy hands and now he is also showing he has a big heart. Everything Billy does is for a good cause and we support his courage, his commitment and his ideals,” says Jamie O’Brien, President,

Viioleteyes’ President, Jamie O’Brien was looking for a way to market her small woman-owned clothing business when she saw Billy’s eBay auction. “I never imagined we would win and when I learned more about the man that would soon be wearing our logo, I was truly amazed. Billy is earning his nickname, Billy the Billboard and I hope he can one day win a Guinness World Record. Do they give a record for blood donations, I mean 14 gallons is just amazing,” says Ms. O’Brien.

Billy may not yet qualify for a Guinness record for the most tattoo advertisements or blood donations but he sure has won more than an undefeated boxing record. Billy Gibby has won the gratitude, recognition and appreciation of the many hearts he has touched with his kindness.

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