Kevin Wessell, CEO of Announces Their New Private Placement Program Helping Companies Raise Up to $5 Million in Funding

Kevin Wessell, CEO of explains how their new private placement program can help companies raise up to $5 million or more in funding for their business. new private placement program helps companies raise money by issuing securities such as corporate stock or an interest in a limited partnership.

Los Angeles, CA, October 08, 2008 --( Companies that are looking to raise capital for their business typically use corporate credit loans from banks. However, with the recent economical crisis including the collapse of major U.S. banks and the tightening of credit, offers a new program that helps companies raise large amounts of capital without having to borrow from the banks. helps companies raise capital through private placement, which is raising money for a company by issuing securities, such as corporate stock or an interest in a limited partnership. There are several private placement options for business owners that do not require registration of the securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, this is an attractive method for business owners to raise the capital they need without the complicated restrictions, filing requirements or bank loans.

Private placement also makes it much easier, faster and far less costly than taking a company public. This also gives the business owner greater control and flexibility with how they raise their financing, including with a select group of investors that meet their requirements. Many companies do not meet the stringent requirements of taking a company public, thus another advantage provided by private placement.

During this economic crisis, banks are now placing a far higher level of scrutiny and restrictions for a company to get the level of funding they need. Private placement is an attractive option for many business owners to get around this hurdle.

There are several private placement options can help companies take advantage of, each with different restrictions and limits to how much securities a company can sell.

For more information about private placement programs, contact at 1-800-COMPANY (1-800-266-7269) or visit

Brett Schoneman