Kevin Wessell, Renowned Asset Protection Expert, Explains How Offshore Company is Protecting Their Clients Money with European Banking Strategies

Kevin Wessell, CEO of Offshore Company and 1-800-COMPANY has over 17 years experience helping clients protect and grow their assets. Mr. Wessell explains why the current economic crisis, including the collapse or bailout of many leading U.S. banks is causing its clients to move part of their assets into European banks and how Offshore Company is protecting their customers assets by offering them European banking strategies with a focus on Swiss Banking.

Los Angeles, CA, October 08, 2008 --( “With the current turmoil of the stock market and the uncertainty of many leading U.S. corporations, including major U.S. banks, many of our clients are turning to the European banks to safely place a portion of their money away from the exposure to the U.S. sub-prime mortgage disaster,” Explains CEO of Offshore Company and 1-800-COMPANY, Kevin Wessell. Offshore Company and 1-800-COMPANY have been in business since 1977 helping clients with asset protection strategies and Kevin Wessell has been helping people directly for over 17 years. “With this economic crisis, our clients are coming to us for help and we are making sure they are protected,” emphasizes Mr. Wessell.

“The list of U.S. banks either collapsing or being bailed out by the government is growing every week and it’s only the beginning. There are many European banks, particularly Swiss and Swedish banks that do not have the large exposure to the sub-prime mortgage crisis as the U.S. banks,” remarks Mr. Wessell.

Where can investors safely place part of their money to avoid exposure to the dangerous U.S. banking crisis? Switzerland and Sweden have some of the safest banks in the world with generous rates of return and Offshore Company is helping their clients make important asset diversification plans including partial diversification of their assets into Swiss banks.

Mr. Wessell stresses some important points about offshore banking. First, it is necessary to establish an offshore company before opening a foreign bank account since many foreign banks will not open accounts directly with people from the United States. The next step is to open the bank account in the offshore company name.

Offshore Company recommends those that choose offshore banking as part of their asset diversification strategy retain the services of a professional offshore banking services company. “When you are dealing with a large amount of your money, why take chances with your offshore banking strategies? Offshore banking is a very safe asset diversification strategy that offers a generous return on investment; however it’s imperative that all rules and regulations are strictly followed and that the safest banks are chosen. A professional offshore banking services company such as Offshore Company will help investors make the right choices.”

Mr. Wessell concludes his advice with a very strong warning. “It is very important to note that U.S. people are taxed on worldwide income. So, this is not a tax avoidance strategy, it is a fully-reported financial diversification and asset protection move. The U.S. and many other governments are cracking down on those whom use offshore trusts in an attempt to avoid paying taxes or hide money from their governments. Offshore Company ensures that its client’s offshore trusts are set up and filed properly and meets government legal requirements.”

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