By 2011-12 the Private Spending on Education to Top Rs 100,000 Cr in India: by RNCOS

India has historically been an education center. And maintaining this trend is the country’s private sector that is spending increasingly on the education market to provide quality professional education.

Delhi, India, October 09, 2008 --( According to RNCOS new research report “Indian Education Services - A Hot Opportunity”, the education services market in India will be driven by rising private expenditure on education and increasing demand for professional courses. The private spending on education is expected to increase 13% to 15% in next four to five years. It is estimated that by 2011-12, it will surpass Rs. 100,000 Crore from just Rs. 26,883 Crore in 2000-01. The rising private expenditure on education will account for 4% to 5% total private expenditure by 2011-12.

Majority of the expenditure on higher education is done through private funding which accounts for more than 50% of the total spending on higher education in the country. The reason for high private share is that the Indian government majorly emphasize on promoting elementary and secondary education and not on higher education. Spending on higher and technical education accounted for close to 11% of the total government spending on education in 2006-07.

The private expenditure will continue to dominate the total expenditure on higher education in future also. It is anticipated that the rising demand for quality education coupled with improving education infrastructure will give a new dimension to the Indian education services market.

“Indian Education Services - A Hot Opportunity” is an extensive research on the education market in India. It provides a comprehensive overview of the education services market in India and gives qualitative and quantitative insight into the market. This report underlines the structure of higher education in India, future opportunities for the education market and its associated fields, and the challenges to be faced. It also gives detailed account on the higher education infrastructure in India, number of medical & dental colleges, technical institutions in the country, number of students enrolled with various universities and colleges, and annual intake in the technical courses by streams.

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