Power of You...First Gathering of Its Kind in US

Air, earth, water, fire, & metal - Power of You - November 7 through November 9, 2008, A True Self-Discovery Gathering, by the 2008 Master of the Year, 7th Generation Master, Gold Medalist, Sifu Toy

Beverly Hills, CA, October 09, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Choreographer of 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Tai Chi Piece Sets Date for Unique Self-Discovery Gathering in California Desert.

World renown Kung Fu Master, Sifu Toy has developed a unique retreat that focuses on self-discovery and empowerment using Kung Fu principles passed down through over seven generations of Kung Fu Masters. The retreats draw from the 5 elements: air, earth, water, fire & metal and how they relate to your inner power and external strength. The retreat is titled “Power of You.”

air, earth, water, fire, & metal
Power of You

November 7 through November 9, 2008

A True Self-Discovery Gathering
by the 2008 Master of the Year,
Sifu Toy

Please save the date and join them for this powerful and life balancing retreat Friday, November 7, 2008 7pm through Sunday, November 9th, 2008 1pm. (Saturday Only package also available.)

Training facilities, meditation gardens, and specialized recreation facilities will be at the enchanted Royal Way Ranch located in Lucerne Valley, California.

Sifu will share powerful ancient Chinese secrets that have helped create the most powerful individuals, while providing a clear path to rejuvenation, peace and balance for a happier life. Rediscover the 5 Elements: air, earth, water, fire, & metal, and what they mean to you. Discover the Power of You.

“The Chi is the energy that everyone has within. By doing some moves combined with special breathing techniques, you can enhance the power of your Chi and your health,” explains Sifu Toy.

Learn how to…
* bring out your Chi and draw from the 5 elements of Earth.
* strengthen your muscles and heal with your Chi power.
* apply powerful Tai Chi and Kung Fu Principles.

About Royal Way Ranch…
Beautiful Zen accommodations in a California Desert Oasis located in Lucerne Valley, California. Tai Chi Gardens, healing paths, fruit orchards, spring breezes all year round. Nestled against the Mojave boulders and colored by the desert sunsets, lush vegetation of flowers, and trees.

Retreat Package...
Meals, accommodations, training, and a special gift are included in your registration. A portion of your registration will be used to help protect and cultivate the natural beauty and resources of the Ranch. Saturday only registration also available.

About Sifu Toy, FIS…
2008 Master of the Year, World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame honoree Sifu Jocelyn Toy just returned from Malaysia a couple weeks ago with his new title of Master of the Year over all Martial Arts Disciplines recognized by the Board Of Directors Of International Martial Arts Research Institute. While in Malaysia he competed with all the Martial Arts Masters around the world at the Shaolin Master Tournament. Sifu triumphed when he won the Gold. This was quite an accomplishment after spending the last three years between North America and Beijing serving as the Vice President on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies committee where he was responsible for the choreography of the Tai Chi portion of the 2008 Opening Ceremonies. He also single handedly was responsible for the spectacular opening demonstration for the coordinating Kung Fu Championship in Beijing.

Sifu is receiving international recognition regarding his involvement in the Olympics and the release of his new self-defense DVD titled "Armed and Fashioned." He was recently featured on the KTLA morning show to discuss the release of his new DVD and unique self-defense technique. Expect to see articles over the next few months from Sift Toy in Healthy Lifestyles, Health, and Shape Magazine.

To read more please visit website www.sifutoy.com

How To Register...
Register on-line before November 1.

For more information and registration, please visit www.sifutoy.com or http://powerof8sifutoy.eventbrite.com

Contact Suzan at 310-403-9595/suzan@sifutoy.com for additional photos or details.

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