Creative Edge to Self-Defense Empowers Women, Students and Communities

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Beverly Hills, CA, October 10, 2008 --( Statistics show that 1 in 6 Women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, but knowing how to protect yourself from your attacker could save your life.

Sifu Toy delivers messages around the world, but one of the most important messages is a Self-Defense concept called "Armed and Fashioned." As a seminar, this self-defense training has been a positive tool for the colleges, community centers, and other community based organization around the country because it is light, fun, and trains people how to use everyday items like heels/shoes, belts, watches, rings, etc. for their safety. The techniques are mastered through Kung Fu principles, awareness, and practice.

This technique was specifically designed to empower women though self-defense techniques that can be used safely without hesitation.

Sifu has recently been featured on KTLA news @ 9, Good Day Dallas (Fox), The Gregory Mantell Show. These clips and more can be viewed at

Please contact Studio City USA and Sifu, so that they can begin offering this self-defense awareness seminar in your community.

About Sifu Toy, FIS
2008 Master of the Year, World Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame honoree Sifu Jocelyn Toy just returned from Malaysia a couple weeks ago with his new title of Master of the Year over all Martial Arts Disciplines recognized by the Board Of Directors Of International Martial Arts Research Institute. While in Malaysia he competed with all the Martial Arts Masters around the world at the Shaolin Master Tournament. Sifu triumphed when he won the Gold. This was quite an accomplishment after spending the last three years between North America and Beijing serving as the Vice President on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies committee where he was responsible for the choreography of the Tai Chi portion of the 2008 Opening Ceremonies. He was also responsible for the spectacular opening demonstration for the coordinating Kung Fu Championship in Beijing.

Sifu is receiving international recognition regarding his involvement in the Olympics and the release of his new self-defense DVD titled "Armed and Fashioned." He was recently featured on the KTLA morning show to discuss the release of his new DVD and unique self-defense technique. Expect to see articles over the next few months from Sift Toy in Healthy Lifestyles, Health, and Shape Magazine.

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