Healthy Being LLC's Newest Product, Sunshine in a Box, a Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Relief Product Featured on CNN's Accent Health News Network

Getting ready, naturally, for the falling back of the clocks and the onset of "winter depression" and Seasonal Affective Disorder. CNN's Accent Health News highlights a Natural Health Entrepreneur who, as a result of her own suffering from SAD when she lived in Boston, created a Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder Relief Kit, Sunshine in a Box, that naturally address the chemical imbalances that caused the time change and darker days.

St. Petersburg, FL, October 10, 2008 --( In preparation for the time change and transition to shorter, dreary and darker days CNN's Accent Health News Network will feature Healthy Being LLC and Sunshine in a Box in a December segment about Seasonal Affective Disorder. Accent Health is America's only healthy lifestyle television network specifically designed to serve physicians and their patients in medical waiting rooms.

Healthy Being LLC's President and Natural Health Entrepreneur, Melissa Gallagher was interviewed by CNN to share her personal experience as a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferer and also to highlight the reasons she created Healthy Being’s newest product, Sunshine in a Box, a natural Seasonal Affective Disorder relief product that addresses the root chemical imbalances that create SAD symptoms.

Melissa Gallagher’s interview with CNN Accent Health News features Sunshine in a Box and addresses the causes, symptoms and natural treatment options for individuals who suffer from mild, moderate and severe levels of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans living in the Northern states suffer from either mild or moderate symptoms of winter depression, commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorders. Similarly, 4 of 5 women who live in northern climates and suffer from Fibromyalgia also suffer varying levels of winter depression and can use Sunshine in a Box to combat often painful symptoms.

Sunshine in a Box provides individuals with a vitamin rich, well balanced, side affect free, natural remedy that reverses the way the body and mind reacts to shorter, light-less days. The bright and cheerful package consists of a 30 day supply of Sunshine in a Box and is available for $45.00.

Research suggests that a lack of adequate light impacts the body in a unique way. The body becomes deficient in Vitamin D and Serotonin levels reach their lowest point during December and January. Individuals living at latitudes above 40º north are more prone to these deficiencies. Along with a proper diet and full-spectrum sunlight therapy, a regime that includes Vitamin D and 5-HTP are helpful in treating SAD.

Sunshine in a Box is a simple and easy to use 30-day kit that contains three vital and power packed vitamins and supplements that are essential to the mental well being of those suffering from winter depression: Vitamin D3, 5-HTP and a liquid B Complex.

For the majority of Seasonal Affective Disorder sufferers simply supplementing a proper diet and light therapy with Sunshine in a Box will significantly reverse the physical lethargy and psychological affects of diminished exposure to sunshine.

For more specific information about Seasonal Affective Disorder and Healthy Being’s Sunshine in a Box, please contact Melissa Gallagher at 727-954-8968 or visit

Melissa Gallagher
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