Niche Social Networks, Like, Gaining Popularity

More and more people have multiple social network accounts, at big social networks and at smaller specialized sites.

San Francisco, CA, March 11, 2009 --( Many of the biggest social sites started out as a niche social networks. The biggest Social Networking Site started out as a network for musicians from the San Francisco area and the second biggest started out as a network for College Students. But as with any big business, these social networks went after big profits and expanded to include general public, forgetting what made them so successful in the first place.

Many specialized social networking sites are seeing a spike in their enrollments, despite what many experts predict that big networks will take over the industry. People sign up for big networking sites because that is where their friends are. And they also open accounts in smaller niche social networks that share their interests. People want to connect with like minded people, without distractions from other individuals that have different interests.

Recently a social networking site,, conducted a study among its users trying to find out what makes them choose MyPolonia over other social networks. According to the answers, most of the people did not choose one social network over another based on technology or features of the network, they chose it based on people there. One of the answers received sums up the findings:

“I am an American, I was born in America, and I love my country, but I am also very proud of my Polish heritage and I want to network with people who share my values and pride in Polish heritage.”

Despite many predictions, niche social networks are not going away, as a matter of fact, the opposite is true. Would it be computer gamers, stamp collectors or ethnic users on MyPolonia, people crave to connect with like minded people and many are finding out that big social networks don't provide what they are looking for.

Bert Mich
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