Grill & Chill: Never Worry About BBQ Running Out of Gas

GasWatchâ„¢, a propane tank level indicator and safety gauge, easily connects to barbeques and lets grillers know exactly how much gas is left in the tank.

Charlotte, NC, October 11, 2008 --( A new device that easily connects to any gas barbeque lets grillers quickly gauge the amount of propane left in the tank so they don’t run out while cooking. The device is called the GasWatch™.

“We don’t think of getting into a car without checking to see if there’s enough gas,” says Shailendra Suman, President of TVL International, LLC “Yet just about everyone grills without having an idea of how much gas is left in the propane tank.”

Suman says he’s heard many stories of people running out of gas with a house full of guests waiting for a grilled feast.

In fact, he tells one of his own. He remembers clearly the time a few years ago when he had 10 family members over for a BBQ and his propane tank ran out of gas while he was grilling. “It was very embarrassing,” says Suman. “I had to cook the food on the kitchen stove.”

Three years ago there was no reliable gas gauge on the market. Now there is, thanks to him.

GasWatch™ easily connects between the tank and regulator. The electronic model of GasWatch™ even has a remote LED display unit that sounds an alarm when the tank level is low so grillers will never run out of gas again while cooking.

In addition to in-built leak detection, there’s also a safety feature on the device to keep flow below dangerous levels for additional peace of mind.

GasWatch™ is not limited to backyard patios. It can be used by campers, boaters, and RV users. It could also be installed on propane heaters and generators – or any appliance that uses a propane tank and it’s vital to know how much gas is left.

The device is available at stores and home centers including Lowe’s, Target, BJs, Sam’s Club, Sears, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, True Value, Handy Hardware, Home Depot, and many other local hardware stores. The suggested retail price is $19.95 for GasWatch™ 212, $29.95 for GasWatch™ 212E, and $24.95 for GasWatch™ Universal.

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About GasWatch™

GasWatch™ is manufactured by TVL International, LLC which also markets a range of regulators, tank adaptors, and hose assemblies for propane appliances. The products can be used on barbecue gas grills, boats, RV’s, camping stoves, turkey fryers, patio heaters, and other outdoor propane appliances.

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