Fresh Faces Put on Entertaining Content for TV Viewers in Sports Bars

Media Network Launches New Content to ‘Wrap Up’ Viewers and Enhance the Social Atmosphere in Sports Bars as Fan Watch their Favorite Team Play.

Chicago, IL, October 13, 2008 --( OnSite Network, Inc. released three new segments of content to support its digital out-of-home video network in leading sports bars: Critic Al, Mr. Absurd and the Powder Room. Each segment features a cartoon character or “fresh face” as a spokesperson for original editorial content supplied by the company’s editors.

Every day, the high-definition OnSite screens in sports bars display localized content that appears alongside network television broadcasts. The four new character spokespeople were developed for specific appeal to Young Adults (ages 21 – 34) and the Sports Enthusiast consumer segments.

Details for the new content segments are:
* Critic Al – Critic Al speaks for the disgruntled fans who wonder how their sports franchise got so stupid. He takes on the latest controversies and (with a high dose of outrage) puts the players, coaches and owners in their place. When it comes to the world of sports, Critic Al pulls no punches.

* Powder Room – There’s a conversation about celebrity gossip, dating tips and more happening on the OnSite monitor. It’s between two women; ‘The Cougar’ who is something of a cross between Joan Collins and Joan Rivers, and ‘The Sweetheart’ who is everyone’s favorite girl next door. Usually The Cougar steals the show with her acerbic wit and dry humor – she’s indeed been there, seen that and done that. It’s no holds barred for this old lady, including some things she may have to say about the little blond chippie who shares time with her on screen in the Powder Room.

* Mr. Absurd – Definitely the “wildcard” of the group, there is no easy way to describe this character. Mr. Absurd is free to issue forth any sort of comment or observation. In the tradition of Monty Python, SNL, Little Britain, and the Daily Show, you may find his viewpoint nonsensical …unless you’re just as strange as he is. By the way, were you going to wear that can of tuna?

“All networks regardless of media must continually provide content that’s in touch with specific tastes of their viewer,” states OnSite Network Founder & CEO, Allen Marrinson. “Since our founding, we’ve operated on the principle of enhancing the consumer’s traditional TV viewing experience when they’re at a bar; our new cast of characters really makes it fun to keep your eyes on the OnSite screen.”

According to a third-party research study completed by Arbitron, OnSite screens already generate significant appeal with 58% of viewers agreeing that the content is very entertaining. The new character-based editorial content will further improve upon the company’s goal to support a continuously conversational and interactive environment for sports bar owners.

For more information and examples, visit OnSite News on the company’s web site.

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OnSite Network, Inc. is a digital out-of-home video network reaching sports fans and young adults in independently-owned sports bars and leading sports-oriented restaurant chains nationwide. Using its OnSite Edge™ platform, OnSite enhances the consumer TV viewing experience by “wrapping” the commercial TV picture with additional entertaining content and venue-specific messaging. On a daily basis, OnSite publishes content that creates conversations, interactive sports games, SMS campaigns, and national advertising and bar promotions. Visit

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