Mindset, Marketing Teleseminar Event Helps NH Businesses Avoid Recession Slumps, Beat Economic Odds

Sign up for the series anytime in October, at www.epiphaniesinc.com/thrive.php, and get full access to the call recordings & "cheat sheets," even if you can't make the live calls. Topics: "Slaying Self-Sabotage," "Desperate Times, Desperate Marketing?" and "The New Rules of Shoestring Marketing."

Gilford, NH, October 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In response to outspoken fears and concerns about the current financial crisis shared by families, residents, business owners and leaders around the state, the co-owners of Epiphanies Inc. are hosting a three-part teleseminar event, “How to Recession-Proof Your Business,” from 1:00pm-2:00pm on three consecutive Tuesdays, starting October 14th.

Known nationally as “The Content Lovers,” Lani and Allen Voivod designed the information-rich program specifically for “NH solo professionals, small biz owners, and micro-preneurs determined to survive (and thrive!) in tough times.” Those interested in getting access to the $47 series, which also includes topical cheat sheets and MP3 recordings of each call, can sign up throughout the month of October at www.EpiphaniesInc.com/thrive.php.

“We chose to deliver this powerful content in a teleseminar format to make it as inexpensive, convenient, and accessible as possible,” says Lani Voivod. Because the series is delivered over the phone, Lani notes that attendees get to avoid paying for gas, losing commute time, and dealing with wardrobe hassles. “And if they can’t make it onto the live calls, they’ll get access to digital recordings, so they can listen whenever, however, and wherever they want.”

The series begins on October 14th with “Slaying Self-Sabotage: 17 Mindset Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in a Downturn (and 5 Ways to Avoid Them All).” The Voivods chose to start with a session addressing the mental game because they say it can either be the foundation of success, or the reason people fail. “It’s like driving,” says Allen. “You steer where you’re looking. If you’re looking at a wall, you’ll steer right into it, no matter what else you may be doing right.”

Session #2, on October 21st, is “Desperate Times, Desperate Marketing?: 4 Bad Marketing Habits You Gotta Break Now, PLUS 4 Keys to Breaking Them.” Attendees will discover that these habits are made not only by entrepreneurs, but by big businesses, too. “Allen and I have been guilty of all of them at one time or another,” adds Lani. “So fortunately – or unfortunately – we can speak from experience on this topic.”

Finally, on October 28th, the Voivods reveal “The New Rules of Shoestring Marketing: Free and Low-Cost Tips and Strategies to Get More Prospects, Clients, ‘n Dough ($$$) in the Door.” The emphasis will be on Web-based marketing tactics. “The number of ways you can promote your business online, with just the investment of your time and expertise, is enormous,” notes Allen. “As more and more people use the Web to search for local products and services, staying connected and relevant with ‘hyperlocal’ visibility becomes vital to sales and profits.”

The Voivods’ involvement with NH business support and networking groups, such as MicroCredit-NH and Women Inspiring Women, served as a catalyst for the creation of this exclusive teleseminar series. The Voivods have been featured workshop presenters around New Hampshire on the topics of marketing, blogging, social media, PR, brainstorming, and creating added value in businesses.

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As the “Content Lovers” of Epiphanies, Inc., Lani & Allen Voivod help lifestyle entrepreneurs and million-dollar businesses “A-Ha Themselves!” in fun, innovative, and profitable ways. On their “A-Ha!” Blog and with their clients, they champion increased visibility, reputation, and revenue through business masterminding, content leveraging, and online marketing and success strategies. To register for “How to Recession-Proof Your Business,” go to www.EpiphaniesInc.com/thrive.php.

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