e-Learning for Franchise Systems Goal of New WSI Franchisee

Franchise systems and other businesses with remote offices and employees can accelerate training while cutting costs with e-Learning systems. Employees and franchisees learn more effectively in the process and the courses can be easily archived for future use.

Columbus, OH, May 22, 2006 --(PR.com)-- New and expanding franchise systems face a daunting hurdle on the road to success: offering cost effective training to far-flung franchisees.

Jim Meaney, a new WSI franchisee and owner of webSolve, LLC in Columbus, Ohio, is bringing his franchise talent and experience to a new Internet consulting business that will focus on e-learning and online training systems for franchise companies and other businesses with remote offices and workers.

"Everyone in the franchise business knows that training new franchisees and their employees is a huge cost of entry issue. In many cases, it far exceeds the franchise fee and other initial costs. With travel, lodging and employee salaries, it can be downright cost prohibitive," Meaney said.

Meaney, a former General Counsel and Vice-President of Franchise Development with Damon's Grill, believes he has found an effective alternative. "With high-speed, high-access Internet service, e-Learning systems will become standard equipment for franchise systems. It is simply more cost effective with better results. e-Learning will allow franchisors to cut costs on both ends of the franchise cost equation." Meaning, franchisees can cut travel and lodging costs and have their teams train in their home base, while franchisors can reduce training staffs and eliminate training facilities.

Meaney says he joined WSI, headquartered in Toronto, Canada because WSI has developed strong learning management systems as well as complimentary Internet services and tools to make effective remote learning a reality today. WSI's tagline is We Simplify the Internet. WSI is a worldwide Internet consulting company with over 1600 Internet Consultants.

e-Learning is not just for franchise systems. It can be used in a variety of industries to optimize their training while eliminating costs. Insurance companies, banks, brokerages, hotels, resorts, real estate companies, training companies as well as food service and food delivery companies are among those that can benefit. Basic orientation, safety, EEOC issues, company philosophy and policies, training on new programs and developments are some of the many subjects that can be easily handled through building an e-Learning system.

Bringing tomorrow’s online educational materials and training to franchise systems today will provide them with an added competitive advantage and permit them to speed delivery of crucial information to franchisees. Meaney, also the author of How to Buy a Franchise, has set his sights high but believes franchise systems are ready to embrace the future of e-Learning.

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Jim Meaney