The Cereal Bowl
The Cereal Bowl

The Cereal Bowl Introduces Cereal Flavored Frozen Yogurt

The Cereal Bowl introduces cereal flavored frozen yogurt using brand new Flavor Blast Technology.

Miami, FL, May 23, 2006 --( The Cereal Bowl today announced the latest addition to their line of Beyond the Bowl treats which currently features items such as Oaties™ (Oatmeal smoothies) and Cereal Parfaits.

Freeze N’ Flakes will allow customers to unleash their favorite cereal flavors in a soft serve vanilla yogurt. With up to eight cereal and topping choices, guests will be able to try Coco Puffs or Lucky Charms flavored frozen yogurt, or really get creative and mix and match. Using Flavor Burst Technology, toppings are injected with a burst of air into the soft serve yogurt just seconds before dispensing into one of our serving cups. Customers will then have the opportunity to add additional toppings such as fruit and syrups.

“The new Freeze N’ Flakes concept is a very exciting step for our company” said Chief Operating Officer Michael Glassman. “We are continually developing new ways to provide the many cereals we all love to our customers and this latest concept will be the perfect addition for the coming summer.

The concept will take what was once a simple serving of frozen yogurt and add a whole new experience by providing unique flavors that can only be found in cereal. “This is something we have yet to see anywhere else” said Joshua Rader, Chief Financial Officer. “Freeze N’ Flakes are unique to The Cereal Bowl and we are excited to be the only place to offer such a tasty and original treat.”

About The Cereal Bowl

The Cereal Bowl is a new breed of café fusing an old time favorite, with a new and exciting twist. Guests will be able to make their own cereal creations or pick from one of many unique combinations created by The Cereal Bowl Team. With over 35 cereals both hot and cold as well as 60 plus toppings, the possibilities are endless. The experience does not end with the bowl. Cereal bars, oatmeal smoothies known as Oaties, and cakes will take cereal to a whole new level. WIFI Internet, couches, televisions, newspapers, and periodicals will add to the ambiance of The Cereal Bowl.

Founded in 2004 by twenty-something entupenuers Kenneth Rader, Joshua Rader, and Michael Glassman. The inspiration for The Cereal Bowl was a product of their college days when they noticed that the average diet of a college student often times consisted of a bowl of cereal as a quick and appetizing alternative. The Cereal Bowl expands on this enticing snack by offering a new way of partaking in one of America’s favorite eating pastimes.

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The Cereal Bowl
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