Launches with a Focus on Positive Media

This releases announces a new website called This is a web 2.0 start-up that is focused on positive media. The site has been under development since the summer. At users can read and share stories, heroes, video and music that inspires. Given the state of today's media, which is substantially negative, there is now a forum for more encouraging and positive news.

San Francisco, CA, October 18, 2008 --( New Internet company established to change the negative bias in news and culture.

There is a theory that states people are looking for positive news. They want to be encouraged and inspired. Unfortunately, recent studies from the Pew Research Center show that the news agenda is narrowing and that two-thirds of journalists say increased bottom-line pressure is seriously hurting the quality of news coverage.

Champoli is a company that has launched an alternative media platform to develop an Internet community focused on positive media and stories that inspire. The word ‘champoli’ comes from an American Indian term meaning “tastes good.”

The website at is a portal through which one can find good news, everyday heroes, inspirational stories, videos, and music. The website has a strong focus on user participation and allows visitors to share their own stories and nominate everyday people as heroes.

The company soft launched the site in September 2008 and has seen tremendous growth in users and traffic without any advertising or promotion. “The viral growth shows there is an appetite and audience for more positive forms of media. In September, our first month of having a functional website, we had visitors from over 40 countries around the world,” stated Mark Hopper, founder of Champoli.

Recent statistics show an increasing bias in the media towards negative stories and sensationalized headlines. CommonSense Media has reported that within five minutes of watching the news the majority of viewers are depressed. Surprisingly, the online experience is not much different from traditional broadcast media. According to the Pew Research Center more than 7 in 10 Americans (71%) said they went online for news, yet the subject matter of the top 10 online news portals mirrors network coverage.

“The truth is that everyday people make a difference in the lives of others and positively impact the world. Yet, from today’s media, one would never discover or hear these stories,” says Hopper. “Traditional and online media has been corrupted to sensationalize the negative and generates substantial revenue by selling fear. Champoli has been created and launched to change the lens through which people see themselves and the world.”

Champoli is just getting started and plans to connect to its audience wherever they are online. The immersive experience can be found at, however the company will develop a presence on social networks and portals as well as provide widgets and feeds so content can be shared and accessed universally.

About Champoli:
Champoli is a Web 2.0 company based in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on changing the world of media. The company operates a website located at where users can find and share positive news, inspirational stories and videos. As part of its corporate mission Champoli contributes 7 percent of pretax profit towards community service projects. The website is accessed by users in over 40 countries around the world. For further information please feel free to contact:

For more information please contact:
Mark Hopper, Founder
Champoli, Inc.

Champoli, Inc.
Mark Hopper