Dating Advice Launches LaunchDAte™ in New Zealand to Promote Single, Available, Insightful and Well-Adjusted Men and Women Who Are Looking for Someone Special

Auckland, New Zealand, October 16, 2008 --( Dating Advice is now offering a new service called LaunchDAte™, a new dating concept of being marketed anonymously onto the dating scene, in New Zealand.

Denise Corlett, founder of Dating Advice, the first and foremost dating advice service in New Zealand, launches LaunchDAte™, a new dating concept of being marketed anonymously onto the dating scene, on Monday, 20 October 2008. This service is available all over New Zealand and offers lots of benefits that those using internet dating or dating agencies have enjoyed while taking away some of the frustrations and difficulties too.

“In many respects, this is just an extension of the services currently being offered by Dating Advice” says Denise. “I’m helping people to be the best they can and in the process increase their chances of coming across somebody right and special for them. Some of that is marketing yourself better. ”

Many people hate the idea of putting themselves on the internet, particularly if they don’t know what to write, don’t want to show their photo so all and sundry can see it or because they are wary of attracting and dealing with people that are dubious. With LaunchDAte™, a profile is written for each advertiser, highlighting the essence of each person and what they are looking for. There is a photo of the advertiser, but this only gets sent out once the advertiser has approved they want it sent to an interested party. The vetting service provides a nice intermediary between advertiser and interested party, so all those tricky questions and important information can be revealed (according to the privacy settings of the advertiser) before any connection occurs between both parties. And it doesn’t have to go any further. If one party chooses to not proceed, it’s face saving.

This service has some benefits of internet dating. The ability to go and browse the profiles of the advertisers is open to anyone with access to the internet. That is huge. In addition, people can view anyone’s profile 24/7 whenever they want. If there is interest in someone’s profile, interested parties just need to contact Dating Advice for further information. That means interested parties can gain a bit more information, according to the advertiser’s privacy settings, but also have a chance to share more information about themselves and what they are looking for.

While Denise is quick to deny that she is not a matchmaker, she points out that people can do their own choosing of who is of interest to them. But they get some of the advantages of a matchmaking service. She acts as an intermediary and knows her advertisers well, having consulted with them knowing their strengths and weaknesses, their readiness for a relationship, what’s important to them and a relationship and much more. She believes her advertisers are well-adjusted, insightful men and women who are all looking for that someone special in their lives. For that reason she is more than happy to market and promote them for the great women and men that that they are.

Dating Advice has an introductory offer which closes on 17 October 2008. More information can be found at

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